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What is Bell Thinking? New Deregulated Long Distance

By smithdm3 - Posted on 27 November 2007

So, I received a flyer in my Bell residential bill the other day advertising Bell's newly deregulated long distance rate changes and plans.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - Text

Now that they've been set free by the CRTC they can set their prices however they wish - and it seems they're starting by making them confusing.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - New Rates

Charges based on actual distance between your origination and termination (well, except if it's a mobile you're calling?!), and that distance is in miles?! What the heck? I mean, not only are those rates high, but sheesh, miles?! Miles?!

Oh, wait, but if you flip pages you can find out that you can save a tonne of dough by going with one of their plans.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - New Plans

Now I mean, that $0/mth for 15 cents a minutes seems like a no-brainer now doesn't it?

Oh, but don't forget to look for the fine print too.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - Small Print

And you'll see that you need to throw on an extra $5.95 in network charge. So really, it costs you $5.95 to get 15 cents a minute, or an outrageous $10.95/month (corrected - Thanks DM) for 5 cents a minute. So really, they're not just confusing rates, but they're also expensive.

Anyway, I think I'll be switching to Yak for my long distance, and leaving Bell and their overpriced confusion in the rear-view mirror.

I mean, MILES, c'mon people, this is freakin' Canada - we measure distances in kilometres up here!!!

I'm still chuckling as I sense your outrage across the "miles" between is. This just seems insane, doesn't. I'd love to get a graph of the distance of all my calls delivered with my bill...would almost be worth it :P

This sort of thing is exactly why service providers like Bell will soon become nothing but bit pipes. But I'm sure I don't have to convince you about that :D

I agree Dave, that's insane. But people still use Sympatico even though they force you to rent a modem, so why not charge by the mile???

I was with "Guaranteed Proof" (through the CIBC) for a while, but got tired of paying the system access fee every month despite only making a few long distance phone calls (we mostly use Skype for long distance). But it's still nice to be able to pick up the phone and make a phone call without getting gouged :)

I switched over to RapidTel ( It's 2.9 cents a minute in the US and Canada and you don't have to dial a prefix.

My LD phone bill last month was $0.54!!! Now that's more like it :)

- Andy

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If you switch to another LD company and belong to a Bell Long Distance Plan (the kind that has a Network Charge), they'll even charge you a "Deactivation Charge". I believe it is for not giving them 30 days notice of cancellation. However, the charges (even for that month) are easily made up for the savings that you'd get from Yak.

And that would be $10.95/month for 5c/min, not $9.95 through Bell :)

This sort of thing is exactly why service providers like Bell will soon become nothing but bit pipes. But I'm sure I don't have to convince you about that :D

If you have this network charge on your bell bill and you are with another long distance carrier they do not have the right to charge you. I called and they told me they were going to credit my account for the 8.95. I tell them I have been with another carrier, she checks and comments "Ah yes I see you have been with MDC since 2007". If they knew this why on earth was I being charged.. Her reply, "It's up to the customer to check their statements." Well there you have's up to us to make sure Ma Bell is not cheating us!
Anyway I get my next bill and there is just a credit of 7.72...What!!! So I call again and she says that they only credit from the time the error was reported. "I don't think so.....get me your super, please." Another few minutes on hold and she tells me she can know give me 3 months full credit. Sounds good, but I want 2 years credit. No can do, they say....I then ask if her super will be making sure that the system will be revamped or updated to ensure that there aren't any other customers they are ripping off. I seriously doubt they will so I sent off an email to someone who might just be able to help us all. Keep watching the news people! Just a post script: My long distance carrier is MDC they charge by the second and it's only 6 cents a minute. I even got a toll free number FREE of charge. Bell was going to charge us 10 or 15 dollars a month.

Hi, I just got my ling distance bill from bell,I was susp, to have a plan with bell.
it disapeared and low and behold I was charged 25 cents per min witch cost me $89.00 in long distance for one month.what a rip off.bell are so crocked it is a wonder they can sleep at night.Steve S.

just switched to rogers home phone and in the final bill from bell got charged a de-activation fee 31.63 plus tax and an early contract termination fee 75.00 plus tax
i explained to them i did not have a contract and there response was it was in the letter we sent you two weeks after you subscribed.(Apparantly i was tow weeks short of a year) When i said i did not recieve it she assured me i did.when i explained i did not de-activate my account ( rogers did )
it did not matter. amazing the governing body lets them gouge like this. Good thing that letter did not say a tne thousand doallr fee or canadians would have to pay it

Ps the rogers home phone is a good deal all canadians should leave bell

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