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What's Behind Door Number 3?

By smithdm3 - Posted on 13 June 2008

So, Meg and I finally got it done. No, not our wedding - that will come, but rather the purchase of a new car. This was Meg's first car purchase, so I think it was exciting for her, and of course it was exciting for me. I liked my little Corolla, but it was time to abandon it. The poor thing needed some money put into it, and I just didn't see a long future for it and I. And well, Meg didn't really like us all as a threesome with it being a manual transmission and all. So, while I had initially thought I would buy a car last spring, we finally got around to it this spring.

We didn't do a lot of searching for a car, pretty much focusing in on the model we wanted right away - a 2008 Honda Civic. We did however go back and forth about getting the Hybrid for a little while. Unfortunately, the numbers I ran still didn't prove it in as being a great investment, so with some uncertainty over plug-in electric cars, battery lifetimes, resale values and other general advances we decided to go for the plain old internal combustion engine variety.

So, we purchased a "Galaxy Grey Metallic" Honda Civic LX with automatic transmission from Dow Honda. My brother works as a mechanic for a Honda dealer (West City Honda) in Belleville, so I guess we found it easy to go the Honda route. We check the dealer invoice price on Car Cost Canada before purchasing and I think we got a decent deal. We chose to finance the car over 3 years at a great 0.9% rate - the interest we pay will be around $270 total. Crazy. Wish I could have gotten that rate for my mortgage ;)

So now we've got a new car with lots of automatic/power stuff - transmission, locks, windows, keyless entry and a 60/40 split fold-down rear seat (one of the other reasons we steered away from the Hybrid). Meg will drive this one (she learned a manual on the Corolla, but didn't really ever get comfortable) which is liberating for her and nice for me at the same time. We've had the car for about 2.5 weeks now, and with a couple of cottage trips and a trip to Toronto it's nearly got 2,000 kilometres on it already.

Hopefully the next car we get will be a lot better for the environment, and if the gas prices continue to climb - the pocketbook. :) Oh, and on that note, I've pretty much kept up with my riding to work at least once a week. Since I've started I've only missed the goal one time. Hopefully in one of the coming weeks I'll be able to do it twice to make up for it.


Breath in that new car smell!

... the new car smell isn't so nice in this new Honda. I remember it being a much nicer smell in my first car. The off-gassing seems to be mostly through by now though, just a month later.

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