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Whalloped by Winter

By smithdm3 - Posted on 17 December 2007

Coldest winter in 15 years they said, and then December rolled in. And man, we're talking snow! The snow really started with the first big dump on December 3rd, a Monday. I ended up working from home that day since I prefer not to drive on my allseasons when it's nuts out there. Anyhow, I think I shoveled two or three times that day - for a total of somewhere in the 30 cm range.

Shoveled driveway

I've shoveled a couple of other days over the past couple of weeks, but nothing more than 10cm I think - maybe 20 cm total. I shoveled my driveway three times today, and each time there was at least 10cm that had fallen. We received at least 30-45 cm of snow, and man, it's piled up on my lawn now. Oddly, the plows only came by twice today, so I imagine they'll be by tonight and that means that I'll have to dig my way out in the morning again. Oh well, the big thing, is that I have no idea where to put any more snow that falls. The piles are up to the first branches on my tree.

Snow up to the branches!

I looked out on my rooftop patio and got a bit afraid today... the snow is probably waist high up there too. Hopefully the roof is well engineered and the snow loading was done correctly. Eek.

This one might be in focus...

Luckily, I completed the majority of my Christmas shopping before today and I've really only got one more thing to pick up. I also grabbed a Christmas tree and threw that up yesterday - it's only wee, though - bigger than last year - next year Meg and I will get up to a full size tree. I spent all day today (well, other than the time shoveling) cleaning and am just now writing up my final To Do list for the week before Meg returns. Things are certainly more festive around here, and I'm looking forward to the holidays now.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Glad to hear that things are festive and that the cleaning is occuring. Your Mom is anxiously awaiting your visit on the 23rd. Will be glad to see Meg as it has been a year for me. I was away when she was in town in October.

Merry HO HO

Have you considered Winter-Tires? We got some this year. They are the cats ass!

... on the next car, but I'm not investing anything I don't have to in this car. It's on it's way to the scrap heap in the spring.

So then what? A nice Audi TT? Sweet! Well with the wedding and such, I suppose it would be more like a Minivan for all them kiddos?

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