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A Week in Cornwall and a Wedding

Earlier this spring Meg and I received an invitation to her friend Robin's wedding. We were pretty impressed by the turn-around time between the proposal earlier this year and the wedding, I think there might have been 5 months between the two. Meg had actually stopped in to Bristol on her way back from Bangladesh on what turned out to be the day after Robin proposed to Helen, so we were kind of in on the ground floor.

A Summer and Fall of Weddings

Meg and I are at that age, an age where we've got a lot of friends and relatives getting married. This year might have been the peak when it comes to number of weddings that we'll be going to though with five separate weddings attended.

Summer Redux: Where the Heck did it Go?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. And for a couple days there I was on a roll, oh well.

In the spirit of Dana's post about what they've been up to over the summer, here is mine.

  • Wedding planning: I'm going to begin and end with this one, because well, this summer it's been pretty much ever present. Meg has certainly done most of the work, I've done what I can - albeit mostly slowly. Things are coming together, with less than a week left until the big day.

Meghan and Dave's Wedding Website

Well, it's not far off now. Meg and I are getting married October 4th, less than 3 months from now. So, in order to provide some information in today's web world we have course established a wedding website which you can find at ;s Wedding">

Rawbanana's Wedding

This past weekend was a chance for myself and many of my friends to celebrate the wedding of the splendid Rob Sample and Anna Soros. Not only were the festivities amazing, but it was a great chance to see friends from out of town who I hadn't seen in a while - Troy and Tanya from New Brunswick and Boris from Vancouver.

Jenn Is Wed

Well, my sister did it... two weekends ago, on July 29th, my sister was married. It was a fantastic day, my sister looked the part of the beautiful bride, and her now-husband, Darren had a smile on his face all day. I'm proud to welcome Darren into the family, and had the privilege of being one of his groomsmen.

The wedding was held at my sister's church, Holy Rosary in Belleville. Her choir (of which she is the youngest - by far I think - member) sang the hymns making it a beautiful ceremony.

Congratulations to Kev and Amy

I just wanted to take another opportunity to say congratulations to Kevin and Amy Haggerty on their wedding. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony and reception on Saturday down in Fredericton, N.B. and it was a great day.
Now I'll just sit here for the next month and be jealous of them as they travel around New Zealand and Fiji on their honeymoon.

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