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One-Time Passwords

So, in my recent travels I was thinking about ways to make passwords more secure. I'm always afraid that some Internet cafe I'm in has some sort of keylogging software/device installed or something and that my passwords are going to be scammed. As my girlfriend Meg pointed out, you can do some obfuscation of your own by clicking around and entering the password and other characters in on different lines/input areas... but I think there could be another fairly easy way as well.

Cryptography uses one-time codes or one-time pads to provide people with what are disposable encryption keys essentially.

Server Update: Not Actually Hacked...

Seems I wasn't actually hacked while away. I must have got a new IP address and there must have been a problem with my dynamic dns update script. Oh well, should be fixed now. Sorry.

Texting/SMS as a Human Verification

I've noticed an interesting trend recently, where Internet-based service providers are using text messages or SMSs to verify if someone signing up for a service is a person. It's a neat idea, though I suppose somewhat limiting in scope (though really, who doesn't have a cell phone). With the rise of automation 'bots' on the web that deliver spam, etc. it offers an interesting way to authenticate whether the person signing up for something is actually, well, a person. I've seen Google use it for their GMail webmail service, and today I see that Toronto is using it for registrations to their free wifi service (article in the Star).

New Drupal Version

I upgraded drupal to the latest version (4.7.3) today as Kev was going to upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7.3. Things went fairly easily, and I chose this new theme to go along with it. Hope you like it :)

Government of Canada ePass

You know, as much as people say governments are slow, I was pretty impressed with our federal government's ePass system.
I noticed it when I filed my taxes a week or so ago. Something said that if I registered for an ePass I could track the status of my tax return. So, I registered... anyway, it turned out that they had to send me a code in the mail to let me access it so I couldn't check anything right away.
Then, in tidying up my house I found a couple of tax receipts for donations I'd made that I didn't include in my filing. Anyway, the next day I received my code and logged in and noticed that I could make a correction to my tax filing if I wanted. Craziness! I mean, to sort this out in the past would probably have been a nightmare (to the point where it wouldn't have made any sense - mind you, I'd never tried to alter a filed tax return). Anyway, I decided I'd check and see what difference the charitable tax receipts made to my return, and lo and behold it was over $20 so I decided to give this advanced e-stuff a try ;)

Kev's Server

Poor Kevin, poor Steve...

Kevin's server, at home temporarily in Steve's office and housing both and was hacked. Kev and I spent a bunch of time getting the data off and starting to put Ubuntu on in place of the e-Smith install he had previously. Kev had started to put Gentoo on a different server but couldn't get it to mount a drive (his CDROM I think...). Anyway, now he'll use the same distribution as I have chosen.

We did have a few wrinkles in attempting to get it back up and running last night. I think maybe we didn't install things in the right order, so it wouldn't allow us to do some things we wanted, so sometime this week (not tonight, as it's Valentine's Day and I've got a hot date :D ), maybe this weekend when I'm out at his place for poker already we'll get it back up and running.

Wanted: Gallery to Flickr Migration Tool

I'm with Kevin... I'd like to move my photos from Gallery into Flickr (especially now that I've got my Mac and am starting to use iPhoto). The problem is, I've got a lot of photos to move over, that already have some annotation (well, some of them anyway), and they are already grouped together... so... doesn't someone out there want to create a tool to migrate the photos from one to the other? Please??? I already asked Boris and he doesn't think that it already exists...

Google Maps Pedometer...

Very cool tool :)

This is the route from my new place to Rob and Anna's... :) Now I know it's around 2.2 km, and my old route is 2.7 km.

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