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Spring May Have Finally Sprung

Wow, it's beautiful outside today. A coworker and I went for a short 5 minute walk around campus today simply to see how nice 23 degrees feels - and we weren't disappointed. It was a bit of a gruelling winter up here in the northern part of Eastern Ontario. It doesn't look like we'll break the snow fall record, we should be 10-20 cm short, but still what a dumping.

Whalloped by Winter

Coldest winter in 15 years they said, and then December rolled in. And man, we're talking snow! The snow really started with the first big dump on December 3rd, a Monday. I ended up working from home that day since I prefer not to drive on my allseasons when it's nuts out there. Anyhow, I think I shoveled two or three times that day - for a total of somewhere in the 30 cm range.

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