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General Fun in Germany (including Oktoberfest!)

Update: Photos are now up! Meg's too!

Well, Meg and I are home now... and we had a great time on our vacation. As my last posting mentioned (and thanks again Kev for providing a temporary home for those posts) indicated, Meg and I moved on from Prague to Berlin. In our looking at things to see/do before we left for the vacation, Berlin seemed to have the longest list, but I was still a bit unsure about the city. I really needed no reason to be. We got into our hostel just before dinner and so were able to go find a quick dinner at a restaurant affiliated with the hostel. Meg was suffering from a cold so we decided to simply have a couple beers with dinner and then grab one at the hostel desk (only 1 Euro for a quart!). We sat around with one of our roomates for a while and he gave us the lowdown on the place.

Castles and Towers in Prague

Update: Photos are now up!

Well, Meg and I have been to Prague, and are now in Berlin. We arrived in Prague late at night, and after a little bit of searching found our hostel, only to be notified that our room was actually at another hostel just across the Charles Bridge. It was a bit of a pain, but we made do, treking onwards to the address. The hostel was a bit unorthodox, really being more of a rooming house. There weren't any real services there, though we could do laundry had we desired. The location was great though, just on the east side of the Charles Bridge (a beautiful cobblestone bridge with scupltures on each side, and towers at each end). Our first day we hiked up to Prague Castle and visited it and St. Vitus Cathedral. Both were very impressive.

Hacked while in England...

Update: Photos are now up!

Hey there guys... just thought I'd drop a quick note here on Kev's server (Update: Okay, it's been posted to my server now...) as he so kindly offered since my server has been hacked. Talk about bad timing (just as Kev mentioned).

Meg and I are now in Prague after having spent a couple of days in England.

We arrived last night and found our hostel (which doesn't seem too bad, but was nearly impossible to find - no signage..). Anyway we had a great time in London, visiting Buckingham Palace (the state rooms were open as the Queen is away at Windsor castle or something or other) and the Tower of London (very cool). We walked around Leicester Square and Covent Gardens and then Saturday rented a car and made our way towards Bristol. Driving wasn't bad once we got outside of London, but I did have to figure out the roundabouts then.

Embarking on a European Excursion

Well, it's almost time to hit the road (or the airways as it happens). Meg and I are heading off on a two week trip to Europe, hitting London, Bath/Bristol, Loughborough, Prague, Berlin and Munich along the way.
I haven't been to Europe before, and am really looking forward to it. Meg of course spent a year in England, and I know she's dying to get back there for some curry and authentic English pubs.
We'll check in along the way... until then!

A Weekend in 'The County'

After our week 'roughing it' in Algonquin, Meg thought it would be nice to investigate the vineyards/wineries in Prince Edward County (known to locals such as myself as 'The County'). We planned to stay at my parent's place in Belleville as a homebase and venture into the county on both Saturday and Sunday as day trips.

We got up at a decent hour on Saturday (okay, so we slept in a bit...), had some breakfast and then I took Meghan to a massage appointment she booked. When she was done we took off towards Picton. We planned to first hit Huff Estates Winery at the crossroads of Highway 62 and County Road 1.

Smoke Lake to Louisa

Meg and I decided to spend a week this year camping, and I was quickly able to convince her (it didn't really take any convincing :) ) that we'd want to go canoing, rather than just car camping. So we made plans to spend a night in the Cannsibay campground (the day after my sister's wedding), and then head into the interior for 4 nights. We had burgers cooked over a campfire and some beer before turning in for the night.

As you can see from the map linked here, we travelled down Smoke Lake through a couple of mid-length, but all uphill portages. We spent Monday night on Big Porcupine Lake, enjoying what was a fairly short paddle (we left the put-in around 10:30 or so and arrived sometime in the early afternoon). We knew that the next day was the real test of our journey. It held the longest portage I've ever done, 1460 meters. While I'd been out in a canoe with Meg once before (at her aunt & uncle's cottage), I was suitably impressed with her paddling ability.

Here Comes the Summer...

Well, here it comes... This week I had my air conditioning on a couple of nights, so without doubt the summer is about to hit full swing.

Ultimate is almost a month in, my Tuesday team (Dr. Teeth) will play their fourth game of the season this week. We're 2-1 so far, though we haven't showed the patience that I think we should have and thus have been somewhat lucky to have this record. The Wednesday team I'm playing with for the first time (Air to the Thrown) has played two games so far (the first was rained out) and is 2-0, they've shown quite a bit of potential, though we've had fairly different rosters for both our games and have been short women.

May Long

Well, another long weekend had come and gone... and Meg and I did this one up right in my books. We booked a cottage (well, really, it was more of a cabin) around Algonquin park (well - it was on the Algonquin side of Barry's Bay, but close enough really) and went and vegged for the weekend.
The weather wasn't great, pretty much permanently overcast or raining, though the sun did poke through a couple of times. We went to Algonquin and did a couple of hikes (Hemlock Bluff - 3.5k and Booth's Rock - 5.1k), took in the visitor's centre and visited the Logging Museum. We also took in 'Bay Day' in Barry's Bay - ummm, if you can count walking to the grocery store through the line up of cars, some classic, some not so much (bottom line, don't make it a 'need to attend' on your list). We read and hung out for the weekend for the most part. Meg was almost inseparable from her book of choice, which was a contrast from her being hunched over her computer working on EWB or Cameroon stuff on the weekend.


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