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Test The Nation

My Test The Nation ScoreI watched a bit of CBC's Test the Nation tonight and decided to do the test myself online. Anyway, I think I did pretty well, bringing in a 55/60 score as follows:

  • 11/12 Language
  • 6/6 Memory
  • 10/12 Logic
  • 4/6 Visual Memory
  • 12/12 Math
  • 12/12 Perception

I had estimated my IQ was 120 (they asked you to do this) without ever taking a test but knowing that the average was 100. I've never had an IQ test done, but this gives me one of 136. It'd be interesting to do another to see how close to true this is. I ranked like this:

The CBC is almost dead...

Well, CBC Sports has nearly kicked the bucket, and when it gets its final death knell with the loss of Hockey Night in Canada in the next couple of years, the entire network (aside from CBC Newsworld) will probably crumble to the ground. The CBC lost out on the Olympics to CTV/TSN, and more recently lost out on an uncontested bid for Curling... two staples of CBC Sports in the past. That pretty much leaves the CBC with the CFL, HNIC and amateur athletics. Once HNIC is gone the network will be unlikely able to prop itself up without massive funding, and assuming the Conservatives are in power, they're unlikely to get it...

Hockey - A History

At least that's what I think the CBC should call this upcoming miniseries. Seriously, ""Canada: A People's History" was a good title, and a great series... "Hockey: A People's History" just seems to cheapen the great "Canada" documentary series.

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