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Arriving in La Paz

Well, I had a fairly uneventful set of flights down to La Paz - thankfully. My flight from La Guardia to Miami was a bit delayed, but I still had over an hour when I deplaned before I had to take off for Miami. Just enough time to buy another book since I'd finished the one I was reading on the way down - at least I have something to read on the way back :)

I flew overnight to La Paz, and it was a pleasure to arrive. Upon landing and arriving at the gate I certainly noticed a difference in the air. It certainly felt like it was more difficult to breathe. I made my way through immigration, got the red light at customs and was subject to a very cursory examination of one of my bags. Leaving the baggage area there was my beautiful girlfriend waiting for me. Definitely a sight for sore eyes :D

Getting Ready for South America

I'm in the process of getting ready to go see my lovely girlfriend, Meg, down in Bolivia. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her as we've been apart for three months. Not only that, but it'll be a nice three week vacation for me.

While I'm there we'll be venturing to Peru to visit the Inca Trail, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca, Pisco (on the coast) and Lima. Meg has got some other plans in store for us while we're in Bolivia as well.

And sure enough, the weather here has been mostly crappy the past few weeks, and by the time I'm about to leave, it's improving.

Here Comes the Summer...

Well, here it comes... This week I had my air conditioning on a couple of nights, so without doubt the summer is about to hit full swing.

Ultimate is almost a month in, my Tuesday team (Dr. Teeth) will play their fourth game of the season this week. We're 2-1 so far, though we haven't showed the patience that I think we should have and thus have been somewhat lucky to have this record. The Wednesday team I'm playing with for the first time (Air to the Thrown) has played two games so far (the first was rained out) and is 2-0, they've shown quite a bit of potential, though we've had fairly different rosters for both our games and have been short women.

Viva Las Vegas

So, I was in Las Vegas last week for my company's sales conference. Quite unreal really. I didn't get a chance to gamble. In fact, I didn't really make it outside my hotel except for a brief run down the strip (which really, was a run/walk/run/walk until I got frustrated by the number of people and escaped down a side street) and then a trip with some other folks out to a casino after the reception on Tuesday.

I was staying in the MGM Grand, which was pretty interesting to say the least. The place was freaking huge! I mean, I had to walk a kilometre between my room and the conference centre. Parts of the place were just like a mall.

Blogging in Memphis...

Well, I'm about to start my last day here in Memphis... It'll be nice to fly back home, see Meghan and settle into my own bed :)One question... why is it that hotels provide soap, shampoo, conditioner and possibly a bunch of other things.... but not toothpaste?  Isn't oral hygiene as important?? (Note: I brought toothpaste, this is just one of the mysteries of the world I was pondering the other day.) Yeah Graceland!


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