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Shared Item Notes in Google Reader as Comments

I was just thinking about 'sharing' items in Google Reader. You know, this could be even more powerful if when you shared an item, Google posted (this could be optional) the 'note' you share it with as a comment on the blog - maybe with a url to your shared items feed, or to your own website, etc.

This would require an open standard for commenting, but someone like Disqus could probably drive that approach as they plug into a number of platforms like Drupal and Wordpress already.

Continuing to Get Wirelessly Hosed in Canada...

Well, it continues... as others have ranted, the new iPhone plans from Rogers are still horrendously overpriced for mobile data and features. But to top it off, I got my Bell Mobility bill last night and they're doing two things to screw me more...

New Thermostat - Getting Hyperconnected

Last week I had my old thermostat, an analog/mechanical model that most developers build into their new houses, replaced for free through Hydro Ottawa's PeakSaver program. PeakSaver is a program (or at least the name for the program in Ontario, it might be elsewhere as well) by the electric utilities to lighten the load on the electrical grid. As it's name would apply it is meant to reduce the load at peaks, particularly during warm days during the summer months when air conditioners start chewing up a large amount of electricity.

Old thermostat
Inside the new thermostat

Duane Storey = Vancouver Blogger

I just read that Duane Storey, someone I met at Rob and Anna's wedding this summer, is in the midst of a Vancouver Blogger challenge. Someone is determined to work their way up the Google Search Ranks past Duane (and at this point is just above him - d'oh, hope my link love starts to work it's charm).

Environment Canada Delivers RSS Feeds

Well, a long while after Boris asked for them, Kev told me tonight that Environment Canada delivered today.

What is Bell Thinking? New Deregulated Long Distance

So, I received a flyer in my Bell residential bill the other day advertising Bell's newly deregulated long distance rate changes and plans.

Bell Long Distance Flyer - Text


As some of you may know, Meg, my lovely girlfriend is devoted to development work. She wants to help increase clean water and sanitation capacities for those less fortunate than us in the developed world.

Anyway, I find this stuff interesting and came across this talk given by Hans Rosling from a conference called TED. The talk is about world statistics and how people view them. Rosling uses technology that was recently sold to Google (March 2007) to visually show the changes in the world.

Raptor Has Dateline Issues

With the reminder of daylight savings time yesterday, someone passed this on to me today.

"It takes about 1.7 million lines of computer code to run the F-22A’s avionics, according to the Air Force. It turns out none of them deal with what happens when the jet suddenly changes dates and time zones by crossing the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean, the international date line.
On Feb. 11, when a dozen Raptors en route from Hawaii to Japan crossed the international date line for the first time, the jets’ Global Positioning System navigation avionics went haywire, forcing the pilots to turn around." - DefenseNews

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