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Summer Road Biking

One of the things that Meg and I were desiring to start heading into 2010 was to take up some road biking. So, in order to do so we both picked up bikes. I got a used Trek 2100 in February or so for a $1000 but we had much more trouble finding Meg one. In the end the folks at Cyclelogik found her a good deal on a new year old model KHS Flite. As we got those purchases finished we picked up shoes, padded shorts and some Keo Look peddles.

Enjoying Winter a Little More

Wow, it's nearly the middle of February already, the year is an eighth over. Winter has been passing by a little faster since Christmas as I've taken up a new activity. Well, I suppose I've done it before, back when I was in high school I think, and I did it a couple of times in 2006 with rentals.

Leafs Make Changes, But Not the One I Wanted

My beloved Mapleleafs made a change today, excusing their General Manager for the rest of his contract. Really, this should have been done in the summer, but the power struggle at MLSE is ridiculous. The reason why? The folks at the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan like Richard Peddie. They like him because he has steered the franchise to higher valuation, and more revenue with things like new condo projects and fleecing municipalities for city-funded stadiums they can profit from.

Ottawa & CFL Football

I used to be an Ottawa Renegades season ticket holder. Well, at least I was in their last two seasons and had put down my deposit for the season they folded. I love football, there are few better sports in my opinion, it's more of a betting/strategy game than any other sport out there in my opinion. It was also the first organized sport I played, and in many ways engendered my love of sports (A love which my mother just doesn't understand ;)

A Week of Disc Golf

Well, I finished up my eighth straight day involving disc golf today, and in fact, I played 9 out of the last ten days.

Enjoying the Summer

While, I'm long overdue for a post... but really, there hasn't been too much exciting going on. I'm looking at a couple of job opportunities and should at least receive one offer in the next week or so.

I just returned from a couple of days at my parents house, sandwiched around a trip to London for my friend Rick's wedding to his blushing bride Shelley. It was a lot of fun to hang out with those folks again for a night.

Training Again...

Well, Kev and I are back at it, training for our long distance running endeavours... Okay, so Kev's are probably more endeavours, mine are certainly more in the struggle category.

We're not necessarily training for the marathon this year, in fact, I'll only be running the half come Ottawa Race Weekend. But we'll be training as if it's the marathon I guess. My goal is to try to get to the point where I don't need to take breaks, and run the half straight through. Oh, and to see if I can lose some of this extra weight I've been carrying around for the last 10 years.

Leafs Trade for Belleville Native

Cool, at least that was my opinion when I got back from supporting Steve on his 48-Hour Quest for a Cure Adventure Race, the Leafs traded a prospect netminder (Tuukka Rask) for a recent Calder winner in Andrew Raycroft! Not only is it cool that the Leafs have traded up in terms of age (I mean, they've still got Justin Pogge as another net prospect) in the net, but this kid is a Belleville native. In fact, I went to St. Joseph's for elementary school with Andrew, who I believe is my brother's age. Pretty cool if you ask me... hopefully he

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