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Server Update: Not Actually Hacked...

Seems I wasn't actually hacked while away. I must have got a new IP address and there must have been a problem with my dynamic dns update script. Oh well, should be fixed now. Sorry.

New Drupal Version

I upgraded drupal to the latest version (4.7.3) today as Kev was going to upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7.3. Things went fairly easily, and I chose this new theme to go along with it. Hope you like it :)

Getting Drupal Going

Well, it's getting close... :)

Not too far to go now... And I've got plenty of things from running to Las Vegas to write about...

Testing Post from Flock Browser

Hmmm, this is pretty interesting.? I can even pull in photos from Flickr. Very neat stuff! :)? Oh yeah, I'm probably going to be moving my Gallery into Flickr early in the new year.? I figure I'll abandon my online server space and utilize my old PC as a server at home instead.? P.S. - Oh, and kudos to Lloyd who let me on the pre-release of Flock to test it out.


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