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Municipalties and Gas Prices

Okay, so Bob Chiarelli apparently made some statements today about high gas prices and their impact on city budgets. Grr!! I figured this would happen. My big beef with this isn't that I think they're lying about increased costs, but how about the fact that they're forgetting that they are getting increased revenues at the same time?

Municipalities will be getting a share of fuel taxes that the federal government has promised them. It should be incumbent on them to demand an accelerated/increased set of payments since the federal government will now have an increase in revenues in this area.

Cellucci's Criticism

Now, I'm not going to say that getting involved or not with the U.S.A.'s missle defence program is/was a good idea or not. But what I will say is that people like Mr. Cellucci saying that he "predicts the decision will come to be seen by historians as the wrong one for Canada" is just ridiculous. I suppose he might have said that John Diefenbaker Canada made the right decision by cancelling the Avro Arrow and embracing the American's silly BOMARK missles.

Craziness in New Orleans

Man... seeing/hearing what's going on in New Orleans makes me happy to live in a country where you would think there wouldn't be extreme violence (like shooting at military helicopters trying to evacuate people!) when there was a natural disaster. I mean, looting is understandable, but a cop got shot in the head yesterday!

Another Ride Along

I went on another ride along with Amy Saturday night and it turned out to be another interesting evening. We had an array of interesting calls including a shoplifter, a suspected DUI, an accused 'dine and dash' fraud, and some drunk kids. Amy showed off her know-how with some great police tricks. "Think like a criminal" she said, and it in fact worked. :)

Mouthy, entitled, drunk kids can be a real pain in the ass. :)

Thanks again for the opportunity Amy, can't wait to do it again.

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