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Newspapers, help yourselves...

The newspaper/journalism industry is in an upheaval with the ongoing steady erosion of advertising revenues (some of which are moving to the Internet) and the destruction of classified revenues which have all moved online (eBay, Craiglist, Kijiji, you name your own online classifieds provider).

Finally... A Do Not Call List

Canada's Do Not Call List in Action
So I was finally able to sign up for Canada's brand new 'Do Not Call List'. The list is administered by Bell, and takes nothing really to sign up. You simply enter your phone number and click submit. Not too much to do really.

US Financial Bailout

The reporting on the potential $700 billion US bailout is driving me crazy. I suppose I can understand why people are upset when they think that there will be a direct federal transfer of money from the Treasury to banks, but really, that's not what should happen.

Wow! - Time Change This Weekend

Just found out that Daylight Savings Time begins this Saturday night/Sunday morning. Wow, it seems so much earlier than I remember, but I guess it's really only one month early. Oh well, it'll be nice to have sunlight til 7pm and later again! :)

Ottawa & CFL Football

I used to be an Ottawa Renegades season ticket holder. Well, at least I was in their last two seasons and had put down my deposit for the season they folded. I love football, there are few better sports in my opinion, it's more of a betting/strategy game than any other sport out there in my opinion. It was also the first organized sport I played, and in many ways engendered my love of sports (A love which my mother just doesn't understand ;)

Get rid of the Penny

Recently, the debate around whether or not to remove the penny from circulation seems to be escalating. Personally, I'm all for removing it. When I went to Australia in 2003, I had a chance to see how their policy works, and I must say, it works well.


As some of you may know, Meg, my lovely girlfriend is devoted to development work. She wants to help increase clean water and sanitation capacities for those less fortunate than us in the developed world.

Anyway, I find this stuff interesting and came across this talk given by Hans Rosling from a conference called TED. The talk is about world statistics and how people view them. Rosling uses technology that was recently sold to Google (March 2007) to visually show the changes in the world.

Will MySpace Presidential Primary Result in Greater Voter Turn Out?

Will MySpace 's Virtual Presidential Primary Result in Greater Voter Turn Out?
... and ... Will Canadian politicians step up their social networking push in the next election campaign?

These are the questions I'm wondering about. I mean, when you can create virtual events in the virtual world that younger folks are taking part in, can you drive their feeling of importance for the real event? Will people see the importance of voting? Can we reduce apathy that way? It will certainly be an interesting trial, but won't be until January 2008.

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