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An Evening at the Blacksheep

Continuing on the theme of enjoying the winter a little more, last weekend Meg, some of her friends and I ventured out for the evening to the Blacksheep Inn (worst website ever). The Blacksheep is located in Wakefield, QC, a little less than a half hour drive north of Ottawa.

Spring May Have Finally Sprung

Wow, it's beautiful outside today. A coworker and I went for a short 5 minute walk around campus today simply to see how nice 23 degrees feels - and we weren't disappointed. It was a bit of a gruelling winter up here in the northern part of Eastern Ontario. It doesn't look like we'll break the snow fall record, we should be 10-20 cm short, but still what a dumping.

OCTranspo Transit Passes

I've been trying to figure out why OCTranspo doesn't offer an off-peak pass. The only thing I've been able to think of as yet is that since they have a cash/pass/ticket based system it would be difficult to do. Any thoughts?

I can see that when they eventually move to some sort of card based system for passes/declining balance and do away with cash (I suppose this is harder to do for bus systems, easier to do for subways due to the number of stations/stops) that maybe this would be more realistic. A card system with declining balance might be made better by allowing you to bill fare credit to your cell bill or having vendors sell prepaid cards (like prepaid cell or long distance) to top up your card by way of phone (this requires persistent data connectivity to any reader which would have to be cellular or muni-wifi).

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