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Do I Get the Tax Credit?

Well, I just got my final 2006 property tax bill... and it's actually nicely broken down. (If only the other levels of government did that) Anyway, I see that the order of contribution to things goes: City-Wide Service, Education, Public Transit, Police, Fire, Waste Pickup and Conservation Authority.

My biggest gripe I guess is that transit costs so much... I mean, third on the list?! Anyway, I pay between $400 and 450 a year for transit in my municipal property taxes. And that's more than I pay for the services of Ottawa's finest. Crazy... oh, and that component is only likely to go up by some 40% or something (5% to overall taxes) with the introduction of Ottawa's ill-planned lightrail system. 1,000 new people will take transit for $1 billion dollars... including an approximate $160 yearly addition to my taxes... stupid.

Should I buy a car in the US?

Well, I'm not quite ready to buy a new car... but I hope to do so next year. And I'm wondering if the Canadian dollar stays high and prices in Canada don't decline whether I should buy a car in the US and import it. Prices haven't declined in Canada as the dollar has risen against the US greenback, and as this Star article illustrates, you can get a better deal in the US. The average difference is actually 17%!


  • Lower overall price - can be quite a difference, depends on model, and Cdn dollar.

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