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Continuing to Get Wirelessly Hosed in Canada...

Well, it continues... as others have ranted, the new iPhone plans from Rogers are still horrendously overpriced for mobile data and features. But to top it off, I got my Bell Mobility bill last night and they're doing two things to screw me more...

Texting/SMS as a Human Verification

I've noticed an interesting trend recently, where Internet-based service providers are using text messages or SMSs to verify if someone signing up for a service is a person. It's a neat idea, though I suppose somewhat limiting in scope (though really, who doesn't have a cell phone). With the rise of automation 'bots' on the web that deliver spam, etc. it offers an interesting way to authenticate whether the person signing up for something is actually, well, a person. I've seen Google use it for their GMail webmail service, and today I see that Toronto is using it for registrations to their free wifi service (article in the Star).

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