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The Training and the Tour

It was a long spring of riding this 2011 for Meg and I. We had decided to embark on something that is most certainly the longest endurance event either of us had ever taken part in. Earlier in the year, after some discussion with friends, we signed up to take part in the Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour. Much to our luck, 4 of our friends (Steve, Deanna, Kevin, and Grant) went along with the plan and so we were now part of a group of six who would cycle through the Rideau Lakes region from Ottawa to Kingston on a Saturday and then turn around and come back the next day.

The MS Rona Bike Tour Recap

Our bikes resting over lunchWhere has the time gone?! While it's only been 3 or 4 months since my last blog post the subject of that post happened nearly 11 months ago! Ouch. Anyhow, now that the MBA (post on that to come soon) is wrapped up I better get back on the blog horse and talk about what's gone on this summer. First things first though, Meg and I took part in the MS Rona Bike Tour from Ottawa to Kemptville a few weekends back and had a blast.

Our First Anniversary - A Post that is only 8 months late...

Wow... My life sometimes feels too busy, but really, it isn't and I have few excuses for not writing an entry about my anniversary or any of the things that have happened in the intervening 8! months. Eight months... crazy. That means it's not much more than 4 months until Meg and I will have been married for 2 years. It feels like only yesterday that we were standing at the front of her parents church, while in other ways it feels like we've been together forever, but we're only just approaching 5 years of being together as a couple.

Biking in the County and Battling a Fall Flu

Not long after I started my MBA, Meg and I traveled down to Ajax and Belleville for the weekend. We left on a Thursday and spent the night in Belleville before I hit the dentist (yes, I still visit a dentist in Belleville) early Friday morning. We both spent the morning working and then we made our way to Ajax to attend our friend Adam's Friday evening wedding ceremony. The wedding was fun and gave Meg a chance to catch up with a bunch of her friend's from her time doing her Masters degree. We enjoyed our evening there and then hit the hay in a hotel for the evening.

Off to Niagara on the Lake

I'm super behind on blogging, so I'm going to try to catch up on what I've been up to the last three months (that's almost how long it has been since my last post!).

So You Think You Can Dance? Well, I'm Learning :)

Those who attended our wedding in the fall will probably remember that I promised Meg in our wedding vows that I would take Salsa with her. Well, we're almost done our first class, one lesson to go next Wednesday. It's gone pretty well, and I almost feel coordinated doing some of the steps.

Cheers to 2008 and Best of Luck in 2009

Just wanted to leave you all a "Happy New Year" message. 2008, while not the greatest of year's for the economy, or the world in general was a good year for myself and Meg. I welcomed Meg back to Ottawa after her volunteering experience with UNICEF in Boliva for most of calendar year 2007.

Summer Redux: Where the Heck did it Go?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. And for a couple days there I was on a roll, oh well.

In the spirit of Dana's post about what they've been up to over the summer, here is mine.

  • Wedding planning: I'm going to begin and end with this one, because well, this summer it's been pretty much ever present. Meg has certainly done most of the work, I've done what I can - albeit mostly slowly. Things are coming together, with less than a week left until the big day.

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