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Cheers to 2008 and Best of Luck in 2009

Just wanted to leave you all a "Happy New Year" message. 2008, while not the greatest of year's for the economy, or the world in general was a good year for myself and Meg. I welcomed Meg back to Ottawa after her volunteering experience with UNICEF in Boliva for most of calendar year 2007.

Summer Redux: Where the Heck did it Go?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. And for a couple days there I was on a roll, oh well.

In the spirit of Dana's post about what they've been up to over the summer, here is mine.

  • Wedding planning: I'm going to begin and end with this one, because well, this summer it's been pretty much ever present. Meg has certainly done most of the work, I've done what I can - albeit mostly slowly. Things are coming together, with less than a week left until the big day.

Meghan and Dave's Wedding Website

Well, it's not far off now. Meg and I are getting married October 4th, less than 3 months from now. So, in order to provide some information in today's web world we have course established a wedding website which you can find at ;s Wedding">

What's Behind Door Number 3?

So, Meg and I finally got it done. No, not our wedding - that will come, but rather the purchase of a new car. This was Meg's first car purchase, so I think it was exciting for her, and of course it was exciting for me. I liked my little Corolla, but it was time to abandon it. The poor thing needed some money put into it, and I just didn't see a long future for it and I. And well, Meg didn't really like us all as a threesome with it being a manual transmission and all. So, while I had initially thought I would buy a car last spring, we finally got around to it this spring.

Riding to Work

This summer I've made a commitment to myself to ride my bike to work at least once a week, ideally, two or three times. I rode in yesterday for the first time this year, and it was a bit of reminder of how things can start out tough. My ride is a fairly scenic one, and I do get to ride with Meg for the first three kilometres or so. After that, it's 10 kilometres mostly along the Ottawa River to the Nortel campus.

2007 Come and Gone...

Well, 2007 is nearly thru, and while it had its highlights, I think 2008 will be a much better year so I'm not upset about the passing of the year.

2007 started off with me wishing Meg a safe and happy journey on her year long trip to South America. She went to volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia for UNICEF for most of the calendar year. I knew at the time that I would miss her, but thankfully, with the rise of the Internet, staying in touch was not that much of a problem.

Whalloped by Winter

Coldest winter in 15 years they said, and then December rolled in. And man, we're talking snow! The snow really started with the first big dump on December 3rd, a Monday. I ended up working from home that day since I prefer not to drive on my allseasons when it's nuts out there. Anyhow, I think I shoveled two or three times that day - for a total of somewhere in the 30 cm range.

Meg's Visit

While, the last couple of weeks were probably some of the most enjoyable I've had all year. Now, I mean, I've had some good weeks what with my trip to Bolivia & Peru, and my 8 straight days of disc golf, but this was different, Meg was home for a visit.

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