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Another 10 Mile Run

Well, today's run went pretty well. I felt pretty comfortable for the entire run. In fact, I had planned on doing 3 or 4 pauses (at 2.5 or 2 miles each), but instead took only two. I paused at 3.3 miles and then once again at 7.5 miles. I ran the first 9 miles at 6 mph and then sped up to 6.5 for the final mile. All in all, not a bad run, I finished in just over 1:40. I couldn't tell the exact time, but probably something like 1:40:20. Not even close to Kev's blazing 92 minutes or something that he phoned and left me a message about. That's crazy. Way to go Kev!


This is the third week in our second run through our Higdon running program. The running has been okay, though last night I just didn't seem to have the energy to really pound out my run. Oh well, I finished it anyway.
I've taken to not doing my Thursday runs for the last little while as I usually have ultimate and it's too hard to fitting all that in. Maybe I'll start them again next week, but not tonight :) This Saturday I'll be in Burlington for a wedding reception so I'll have to figure out whether I can do my five mile (stepback) longrun there or wait until I get back to Ottawa and do it outside on Sunday. I find that I have my best runs midway through the weekend morning after I've eaten something for breakfast.

Stepback Week

So, ran a nice 7 miles with Kev and Steve on Saturday. We ran a route that I mapped out that took us from my place over to the Ottawa River, up it to Woodruffe, over to Byron and then back home.

The run was pretty good, though I certainly didn't do as well as both Kev and Steve, the wind on the run up the river was brutal for me.

10 Mile Run

So, went out and ran my 10 mile run (From Hal's plan of course) to end off week 5 of training.  For those not keeping up to date with news, I'm in the midst of training to run the National Capital Marathon in May of 2006.  I had a new running partner today, and actually ran outside for my 10 miles in the snow.  Steve, who is an avid adventure racer ran with me. Needless to say, I was very leery of a.) running 10 miles (16k is my farthest run for sure even though I ran 14.4k last Saturday); b.) running outside in the snow (the treadmill is pretty easy though certainly not as fun as running with someone else) and c.) running with Steve since he's in uber good shape.  Anyway, all three things went well... I had hoped to be done in an hour, 40 minutes or so after having run my 9 miles indoor on the treadmill in 85 minutes, but it took us a bit longer at 1 hour, 51 minutes. That being said, I felt comfortable throughout the entire run and didn't feel completely drained at the end.  Steve did a great job of not running me into the ground (thanks!) and of getting me prepped for the long run with the right clothes, hydration and even a gel to give me a boost on the way back!  I'm certainly past the "I hate running" stage now I think...  

9 miles eh?

Wow... that wasn't as bad as I had thought it was going to be. Seriously, I was dreading it all week and this morning was finally the time. I was a bit delayed in starting as my lovely girlfriend called as I was about to exit the house, but that was more than okay - I miss her so much that it is like music to my ears to hear her :D

After I got off the phone with Meghan I made my way to the Nortel to gym to begin what I figured was going to be a brutal hour and a half odyssey. I had planned on trying to do my 9 miles in that amount of time using 20 and 1s as long as I could (20 minutes running, 1 minute walking, repeat...) and then resort to the more common 10 and 1s. I was feeling really good through the first half, and managed to string together three 20 and 1s before I backed off and did a 10 and 1 before bringing it home. I finished in about 85 minutes, though I can't be entirely sure as I had to reset the treadmill after 60 minutes (silly gym maximum). But I had done 6.5 miles in the first hour (that was my pace) and then finished up with another 2.5 miles in about 24 minutes. Then I did a back/bicep workout... as Meg would say... CRAZY!

Week 3 of Running Complete

Well, while I didn't post last week, I have been (mostly) keeping up with my running. After doing all three runs the first week (though the long run that week - 6 miles - involved lots of walking), I missed the long run in week 2 (bad me, that was 7 miles... :( ). This week I got it all in, though I had to play a bit with the schedule. I ran 3 miles (no walking!) on Tuesday on a hotel treadmill in Minneapolis, then didn't run Wednesday since I spent a lot of time at a customer site, then in the office, then in airports and airplanes. Anyway, I made up for that by doing my 4 mile (Wednesday runs went up this week, I think I took one walking break between mile 3 and mile 4) on Thursday after a workout, then 3 miles (one walk) after a leg workout (that was hard!) last night.


So with Meghan out of town for a month it was time to start something new... so I went running with Kev this morning as we start a marathon training program.  Kev went through this last year, so he's got lots of helpful hints.  I've been out a few times this year running 5K or so each time (I think the highest I've done in the last year was 7K) and today's was no different.  The first run was 5Kin the plan that Kev has followed (suggested by Steve I believe). The route can be seen below:

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