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Leafs Trade for Belleville Native

Cool, at least that was my opinion when I got back from supporting Steve on his 48-Hour Quest for a Cure Adventure Race, the Leafs traded a prospect netminder (Tuukka Rask) for a recent Calder winner in Andrew Raycroft! Not only is it cool that the Leafs have traded up in terms of age (I mean, they've still got Justin Pogge as another net prospect) in the net, but this kid is a Belleville native. In fact, I went to St. Joseph's for elementary school with Andrew, who I believe is my brother's age. Pretty cool if you ask me... hopefully he

Pat Quinn is Done with the Leafs

You know, I'm not that excited about Pat Quinn being fired... but boy, am I excited that Rick Ley has been :) The Leafs have had the worst coached defence for a number of years. Now... if only they had fired Ferguson as well... or Peddie - God... if they'd fire Peddie, that would be great.

I mean, think about it, the Leafs would have been in the playoffs with two extra points. But, this team was without a number of players that Ferguson signed in the late going, including Ed Belfour. Is that Quinn's fault? I don't know... Pat's fault may lie in the fact that the Leafs stunk out January and February...

On the Leafs and Ovechkin

First off, while part of me loved seeing the Leafs beat the Canadiens last night part of me was disappointed. I mean, I've been ready to throw the towel in on this year all season. If they'd loss JFJ would probably have to look at moving some guys out for futures tomorrow. Unfortunately the win means that they're only 6 points out of a playoff spot now (trailing Montreal in 8th by that margin with Atlanta between them with a game in hand ) and so they won't blow the whole thing up. Oh well...

Secondly, on Ovechkin... after seeing this highlight reel (which remember is only from one season!), there is no denying this kid the Calder.

Exciting Weekend Planned

It's off tomorrow morning to Courtice for me, meet up with Spill and head onto Pickering to catch up to Whiten. We'll eat some breakfast and then head on to meet up with Rick.
We're off to Buffalo you see, in order to take in what is likely to be yet another loss for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Should be fun, it's actually my second trip to see pro sports in Buffalo in 3 months. I was there in December to take in my first NFL game between the Bills and my Denver Broncos.
We're staying over in Buffalo on Friday which should be interesting, then back to Courtice to Bill's where I'll undoubtedly spend some time trying to work on my boxer in Bill's Xbox Fight Night: Round 2 game. :)

Hmmm... Fergie's 'Wait Til Next Year' Play Isn't Working

Two down... who will be the next marquis young free agent that should have come on the market next season to sign? Hmm... I might have to become a Sens fan if I want to watch playoff hockey. :)

Iginla is signed, and now so is Thornton. Poor JFJ...

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