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Household Chores

Man, painting sucks. Meg and I spent our four day Easter weekend putting a "refresher" coat of paint on the rooms in our house. It is of course a tragic use of four days off in the row, but it will help our social lives this summer.

New Thermostat - Getting Hyperconnected

Last week I had my old thermostat, an analog/mechanical model that most developers build into their new houses, replaced for free through Hydro Ottawa's PeakSaver program. PeakSaver is a program (or at least the name for the program in Ontario, it might be elsewhere as well) by the electric utilities to lighten the load on the electrical grid. As it's name would apply it is meant to reduce the load at peaks, particularly during warm days during the summer months when air conditioners start chewing up a large amount of electricity.

Old thermostat
Inside the new thermostat

End of Winter Doldrums

Well, it's getting towards the end of winter, as March is nearly a week old now. It seems like March is coming in like a Lion this year, with a snowstorm hitting Friday, the day of course that I was returning from a work trip to San Diego. That disrupted the second leg of my red-eye trip home, leaving me theoretically stranded in Washington, D.C. until a coworker arranged for us to fly to Montreal and rent a car to get home.

Turns out, by the time we reached Ottawa (after a bit of a nerve wracking drive which included having a driver spin out on the highway in front of me... first time for that for me...) and I found that the people on the shuttle bus to the Park n' Fly lot with me had just come in on a rescheduled flight from D.C.. Oh well, at least we got there.

A Week Alone

So, it's been a week since I dropped Meg off at the airport. And let me tell you, I do miss her dearly. It's interesting to live alone once again. Meg only lived with me for two months, but it was a great two months.

I do miss having her around to talk to, but thanks to technology we have been able to email, chat or talk everyday. I can't begin to imagine how much different things would be if we didn't at the very least have email. I mean, we'd go days without making contact which just seems so weird.

I miss her, and can't wait to see her in a few months - and it's only been a week :)

A Wee Little Christmas Tree

Meg and the treeMeg and I went out and purchased our first wee little Christmas tree this weekend. So the house is looking a little bit festive. That's certainly one of the things I've missed since living on my own, my mom's house was always decorated in early December.

As you can see, the tree is certainly wee. We decided that due to a small set of decorations, and us not spending christmas at our place this year, that we'd only go small. But it's all rigged up with lights and decorations that I've received throughout my life. The coolest thing is that it's still alive... as you can see it's potted (and a wee bit crooked, I may have to correct that soon ;) so when we're done with it this season it'll go upstairs on the deck for awhile before being replanted somewhere.

I hope you and yours have a splendid time this holiday season!

New Roomie

I've got a new roomie, Meg moved into my house this past weekend. I'm sure there will be some little bumps as we both adjust to living with each other, but I'm really happy she's here. It's very nice to have someone to go home to. :)

Today is the Day

I take possession of my new home today... and my sister will be here to help me do some moving. Tomorrow I've got some movers coming in to move the big furniture. And then I'll pretty much be done...

I'm fighting with Bell to get their reconnection fee waived at the moment... how dare they think to charge me to remain a customer I say... especially when there are other possibilities out there.

Things to do: Purchase House - Check!

Yikes! What have I done??? I just signed myself up for 20+ years of mortgage payments??? ;)

Okay, so today I had an offer go through on a house... well, actually, I guess I may have accepted a counter offer (I'd have to go look at the documents in my car), but really... whatever. :)

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