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So You Think You Can Dance? Well, I'm Learning :)

Those who attended our wedding in the fall will probably remember that I promised Meg in our wedding vows that I would take Salsa with her. Well, we're almost done our first class, one lesson to go next Wednesday. It's gone pretty well, and I almost feel coordinated doing some of the steps.

Tell Me Having Something Like This In Your Home Wouldn't Be Cool

Wow, just found this company via 'Crypto-Gram', a newsletter by Bruce Schneier I read. Creative Home Engineering. We could all be like Emmanuel Lewis on Webster!

Another Ride Along

I went on another ride along with Amy Saturday night and it turned out to be another interesting evening. We had an array of interesting calls including a shoplifter, a suspected DUI, an accused 'dine and dash' fraud, and some drunk kids. Amy showed off her know-how with some great police tricks. "Think like a criminal" she said, and it in fact worked. :)

Mouthy, entitled, drunk kids can be a real pain in the ass. :)

Thanks again for the opportunity Amy, can't wait to do it again.

Happy Canada Day!

Best wishes on this great day straight from the nation's capital! :D

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