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Catching up with the my Atlantic Side

IMG_1524This May (man I am still so far behind in this blogging thing this summer) Meg and I used up some Aeroplan points and flew out to Prince Edward Island for the long weekend. The trip was important for a couple of reasons, first and foremost, it gave Meg and I a chance to get out and see my grandparents who weren't able to make it our wedding in October. A close second was a chance to visit with the rest of my relatives who for various reasons weren't able to make it. Finally, it gave Meg and I chance to enjoy a long weekend away :)

Jenn Is Wed

Well, my sister did it... two weekends ago, on July 29th, my sister was married. It was a fantastic day, my sister looked the part of the beautiful bride, and her now-husband, Darren had a smile on his face all day. I'm proud to welcome Darren into the family, and had the privilege of being one of his groomsmen.

The wedding was held at my sister's church, Holy Rosary in Belleville. Her choir (of which she is the youngest - by far I think - member) sang the hymns making it a beautiful ceremony.

Christmas Redux

Well, another yuletide has come and gone... and once again it was a wonderful time. Meghan came to Belleville with me for my grandparent's annual xmas-eve-eve fondue complete with the recently annual family produced game. This year Meghan and I came up with the game, a relatively simple affair that saw two teams compete for Snowman parts by way of answering/completing trivia questions/challenges. It was as always a lot of fun. :)

Saturday I put Meghan on the train back to Ottawa, after we completed our xmas exchange. :) Meghan got me a hammock (very cool!) for my deck and a year's subscription to the Saturday Globe & Mail! I'm so excited about spending Saturday mornings reading the paper while drinking orange juice! :D Then it was off to pick up a few things for my mom, a shortened run, and then a trip to my grandparents again for Xmas Eve dinner (the typical buffet of appetizers - coined a pick-around by yours truly way back when I was a wee gaffer).

Congrats to Jenn & Darren

Wow, they're engaged! My sister will follow in my brother's footsteps and get married before me. Why not, they both owned houses before me :) I just do things a little slower I guess :D

I'm ecstatic for them, I know there had been plenty of talk about a wedding next summer and now it's on!

Congratulations to both of you! I couldn't be happier for you!

Turning 29...

Yikes... It's now really less than a year til I turn 30. Oh well, I guess the one thing you can't really stop is time...
Anyway, my 29th birthday has come and gone with little fanfare - just the way I like it. Meghan treated me amazingly, taking me out for a little walk up to the Luskville Falls, then serving me a picnic dinner. It was exactly the quiet night that I was looking for :)
We then went home where she unveiled some birthday carrot cupcakes which were scrumptuous and gave me a sweet framed photo of the two of us and some tickets to the NAC this Friday.
Like I said, all in all, it was a great day :)


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