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Riding to Work

This summer I've made a commitment to myself to ride my bike to work at least once a week, ideally, two or three times. I rode in yesterday for the first time this year, and it was a bit of reminder of how things can start out tough. My ride is a fairly scenic one, and I do get to ride with Meg for the first three kilometres or so. After that, it's 10 kilometres mostly along the Ottawa River to the Nortel campus.

Wow! - Time Change This Weekend

Just found out that Daylight Savings Time begins this Saturday night/Sunday morning. Wow, it seems so much earlier than I remember, but I guess it's really only one month early. Oh well, it'll be nice to have sunlight til 7pm and later again! :)

Get Your Red Dot On!

Hmm, saw this Red Dot Campaign article via CBC come through my feedreader today, and figure that Meg and I should probably get this going on at home.

My Neighbours Are Bullfrog Powered

I noticed a sign beside my neighbours door yeseterday. I was a bit confused as I couldn't quickly think of what "Bullfrog Powered" meant. I guess I've not been paying close enough attention to something.

Anyway, Bullfrog Power is a clean/green energy retailer. They sell energy into the grid to supply your energy needs from either wind generation or low impact hyrdo (as opposed to high impact projects that flood valleys and such). Sounds pretty neat, and I'll probably consider it even if it is more expensive than traditional power. They retail electricity for 9.1 cents/kwh whereas I currently pay somewhere around 5.8 cents for 400 kwh a month. That's only $13.20/mth more, or less than $160 a year.

Green Goes Mainstream

I've been remarking for the last few days that it seems like the green movement has taken off. Maybe I should say taken off again, since really, there was a brief flirtation with the environment when I was a child... you know, the whole recycling craze. That was the first real movement towards the environment in my lifetime that I can remember. There have also, I suppose, been commercials about limiting power use, but I've always thought they were more about the fact that the utilities didn't want to invest in more capacity...

Anyway, what really has pushed me towards the realization that this is indeed being deeply driven into the masses thinking isn't that the politicians are getting into it, but rather that the consumer products companies are. I saw a commercial the other day for Cold Water Tide heralding the use of cold water as being good for the environment, not for your clothes.

Banning Plastic Bags

A story in today's Toronto Star, talks about Toronto discussing the banning of plastic bags, or in the very least, recycling them.

I'm personally all for banning them. In the past, most of my bags came from the grocery store, but now I use bins instead of bags for the most part.
Way better than paper or plastic bags are the biodegradable corn starch bags that MEC uses. They say they're more expensive, but I'm willing to pay 1-2% more for that sort of thing. They come from BioBag.

Conservative's Clean Air Act Ridiculous!

Arrgh, I'm furious after reading this Toronto Star article on the new legislation being tabled by the Conservatives for the environment.

A goal by 2050 (44 years from now) of reducing emissions to be 45 to 65% less than todays. Wow... a whole 1% or so a year. You think we could do better.

No regulation of industrial polluters for another 4 years. Gotta love the consultation phase.

Intensity targets, what a farce. These don't put a cap on emissions but instead limit energy used per unit of production. How is that going to clean things up?

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