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Good Drupal Powered Recipes: Food Like That

My friend Boris Mann (a founder of Bryght) has recently launched a new recipe sharing site, Food Like That, based on the open source Drupal CMS platform that hosts this website and many others. Bryght, Boris's company, provides hosted Drupal sites and contributes a lot to Drupal.
I joined the site and contributed my first recipe, a Black Bean, Tomato and Feta sauce for pasta that my


Just wanted to let you know of the new addition to my links on the left hand side. The link "Meg" now points to, Meg's blog that she'll be updating on her yearlong trip to Bolivia (and hopefully on other trips in the future). While there isn't a lot of content there yet, it will no doubt begin to ramp up as she leaves in a weeks time.

Migrating Drupal for Our Ultimate Association

Well, as a member of our (what is now small) board of directors for my favourite ultimate association, it's fallen to me to help move our web team through the upgrade process for our drupal installation. Currently it's running at 4.5.2 and I'd like to get it up to 4.7, and depending on the time 5.0 is released, maybe to there. It's not going to be an easy thing though, as the previous version has been tied into our league management system (Leaguerunner) and so there is some customization - which I'm not sure I'm the best to do - that will have to be involved.

New Drupal Version

I upgraded drupal to the latest version (4.7.3) today as Kev was going to upgrade from 4.5 to 4.7.3. Things went fairly easily, and I chose this new theme to go along with it. Hope you like it :)

Kev's Server

Poor Kevin, poor Steve...

Kevin's server, at home temporarily in Steve's office and housing both and was hacked. Kev and I spent a bunch of time getting the data off and starting to put Ubuntu on in place of the e-Smith install he had previously. Kev had started to put Gentoo on a different server but couldn't get it to mount a drive (his CDROM I think...). Anyway, now he'll use the same distribution as I have chosen.

We did have a few wrinkles in attempting to get it back up and running last night. I think maybe we didn't install things in the right order, so it wouldn't allow us to do some things we wanted, so sometime this week (not tonight, as it's Valentine's Day and I've got a hot date :D ), maybe this weekend when I'm out at his place for poker already we'll get it back up and running.

Getting Drupal Going

Well, it's getting close... :)

Not too far to go now... And I've got plenty of things from running to Las Vegas to write about...


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