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Cycling to Work

I rode into work for the first time ever in Ottawa. It was a decent ride. Meg and I had done a fair amount of it a few weeks back, but I needed to buy a lock and adjust the brakes on my bike. I still have to adjust the rear derailleur it would seem, as I discovered this morning that I can't reach my lowest gears. Not a worry, I rarely use them anyway. I mean, I'd like to build muscle so don't want to use those 'granny gears' as Kev calls them.

Here Comes the Summer...

Well, here it comes... This week I had my air conditioning on a couple of nights, so without doubt the summer is about to hit full swing.

Ultimate is almost a month in, my Tuesday team (Dr. Teeth) will play their fourth game of the season this week. We're 2-1 so far, though we haven't showed the patience that I think we should have and thus have been somewhat lucky to have this record. The Wednesday team I'm playing with for the first time (Air to the Thrown) has played two games so far (the first was rained out) and is 2-0, they've shown quite a bit of potential, though we've had fairly different rosters for both our games and have been short women.


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