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May Long

Well, another long weekend had come and gone... and Meg and I did this one up right in my books. We booked a cottage (well, really, it was more of a cabin) around Algonquin park (well - it was on the Algonquin side of Barry's Bay, but close enough really) and went and vegged for the weekend.
The weather wasn't great, pretty much permanently overcast or raining, though the sun did poke through a couple of times. We went to Algonquin and did a couple of hikes (Hemlock Bluff - 3.5k and Booth's Rock - 5.1k), took in the visitor's centre and visited the Logging Museum. We also took in 'Bay Day' in Barry's Bay - ummm, if you can count walking to the grocery store through the line up of cars, some classic, some not so much (bottom line, don't make it a 'need to attend' on your list). We read and hung out for the weekend for the most part. Meg was almost inseparable from her book of choice, which was a contrast from her being hunched over her computer working on EWB or Cameroon stuff on the weekend.

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