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Merry Christmas

Just wanting to send out my e-Wishes to each of you to have a Merry Christmas!

A Wee Little Christmas Tree

Meg and the treeMeg and I went out and purchased our first wee little Christmas tree this weekend. So the house is looking a little bit festive. That's certainly one of the things I've missed since living on my own, my mom's house was always decorated in early December.

As you can see, the tree is certainly wee. We decided that due to a small set of decorations, and us not spending christmas at our place this year, that we'd only go small. But it's all rigged up with lights and decorations that I've received throughout my life. The coolest thing is that it's still alive... as you can see it's potted (and a wee bit crooked, I may have to correct that soon ;) so when we're done with it this season it'll go upstairs on the deck for awhile before being replanted somewhere.

I hope you and yours have a splendid time this holiday season!

Christmas Redux

Well, another yuletide has come and gone... and once again it was a wonderful time. Meghan came to Belleville with me for my grandparent's annual xmas-eve-eve fondue complete with the recently annual family produced game. This year Meghan and I came up with the game, a relatively simple affair that saw two teams compete for Snowman parts by way of answering/completing trivia questions/challenges. It was as always a lot of fun. :)

Saturday I put Meghan on the train back to Ottawa, after we completed our xmas exchange. :) Meghan got me a hammock (very cool!) for my deck and a year's subscription to the Saturday Globe & Mail! I'm so excited about spending Saturday mornings reading the paper while drinking orange juice! :D Then it was off to pick up a few things for my mom, a shortened run, and then a trip to my grandparents again for Xmas Eve dinner (the typical buffet of appetizers - coined a pick-around by yours truly way back when I was a wee gaffer).

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