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What's Behind Door Number 3?

So, Meg and I finally got it done. No, not our wedding - that will come, but rather the purchase of a new car. This was Meg's first car purchase, so I think it was exciting for her, and of course it was exciting for me. I liked my little Corolla, but it was time to abandon it. The poor thing needed some money put into it, and I just didn't see a long future for it and I. And well, Meg didn't really like us all as a threesome with it being a manual transmission and all. So, while I had initially thought I would buy a car last spring, we finally got around to it this spring.

My Car Turns 40

Okay, so not my car specifically, but the Toyota Corolla reached 40 years of production this year.

My Toyota Corolla is a 2000 year model, and according to wikipedia it is actually an eighth-generation model. I'm about ready to turf it after having had it for 6 and half years, not because it's a bad car, I'm just bored of it and want some new features. Mine has 183,000 kilometers on it or so, and has survived one of two break-in attempts (my poor Oakleys were pinched in the most recent one).

Should I buy a car in the US?

Well, I'm not quite ready to buy a new car... but I hope to do so next year. And I'm wondering if the Canadian dollar stays high and prices in Canada don't decline whether I should buy a car in the US and import it. Prices haven't declined in Canada as the dollar has risen against the US greenback, and as this Star article illustrates, you can get a better deal in the US. The average difference is actually 17%!


  • Lower overall price - can be quite a difference, depends on model, and Cdn dollar.

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