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Labour Day Weekend Canoeing in Algonquin

Meg and I took a trip a few years back, right after my sister's wedding to Algonquin for a canoe trip. Canoe tripping is one of my favourite summer time activities, so I've been eager to do it again but Meg being in Bolivia and getting ready for our wedding meant we didn't really have a chance the last two years. This year presented an opportunity, and a couple of our friends Shoshanah and Thomas were interested in going (their first time) and they did the leg work of booking the permit for Labour Day Weekend and so we were all set.

Smoke Lake to Louisa

Meg and I decided to spend a week this year camping, and I was quickly able to convince her (it didn't really take any convincing :) ) that we'd want to go canoing, rather than just car camping. So we made plans to spend a night in the Cannsibay campground (the day after my sister's wedding), and then head into the interior for 4 nights. We had burgers cooked over a campfire and some beer before turning in for the night.

As you can see from the map linked here, we travelled down Smoke Lake through a couple of mid-length, but all uphill portages. We spent Monday night on Big Porcupine Lake, enjoying what was a fairly short paddle (we left the put-in around 10:30 or so and arrived sometime in the early afternoon). We knew that the next day was the real test of our journey. It held the longest portage I've ever done, 1460 meters. While I'd been out in a canoe with Meg once before (at her aunt & uncle's cottage), I was suitably impressed with her paddling ability.

$2.50 per cylinder... Holy crap!

Wow, I just read that Algonquin Park end up paying $2.50 per disposable propane cylinder for disposal. That's crazy! They have over 50,000 of these to dispose of a year - that makes it cost a crazy $150,000 for them to get rid of them... Crazy, anyway, I'll be making sure to switch to another method of fuel for sure.

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