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Thoughts on South America (Bolivia and Peru in particular)

Just some random thoughts from my South American trip.

  • I apparently can adapt to putting used toilet paper in the garbage instead of flushing.... weird.
  • Elevation is an interesting thing to cope with.
  • People in Bolivia are extremely nice.
  • I could get used to having an 'emplayada' - a maid that cleans your house, does laundry, does your groceries and cooks all your meals.
  • Living in a developing nation is different then in a developed one, but you can find things that take you home for a short while.
  • South American beer is good, and at least in Bolivia and Peru, fairly cheap. I drank Huari, Cusquena and Cristal.

Copacabana, Puno and Cusco

Well, CopacabanaCopacabana was a nice little lakeside town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the world´s highest navigable lake. We actually had a guided tour of this section of our trip, which was a bit of a treat. We arrived and ate lunch, and then took a boat out to visit Isla del Sol where we did a steep climb up the island, and then a short 30min. walk (rather than the normal 3 hour tour). This island housed some of the first Inca people´s before they relocated to the Cusco area. We made our way back to the village and went for a bit of stroll around the market before leaving our guide and going for dinner at a touristy place - after having lots of Bolivian food Meg had spaghetti with pesto and I had pizza.

Enjoying La Paz and its Surroundings

La Paz FC vs. The Strongest
Meg and I have enjoyed a couple of nice days here in La Paz. Sunday we took things pretty easy, sleeping in a bit before going for lunch at a friend of Meghan's in the city centre. This girl, Linda, has an amazing apartment, with a view that overlooks the city and the tallest snow covered peak in the area, Mt. Illimani. We had a nice lunch and Meg was able to meet some of Linda's other friends from the city.

Arriving in La Paz

Well, I had a fairly uneventful set of flights down to La Paz - thankfully. My flight from La Guardia to Miami was a bit delayed, but I still had over an hour when I deplaned before I had to take off for Miami. Just enough time to buy another book since I'd finished the one I was reading on the way down - at least I have something to read on the way back :)

I flew overnight to La Paz, and it was a pleasure to arrive. Upon landing and arriving at the gate I certainly noticed a difference in the air. It certainly felt like it was more difficult to breathe. I made my way through immigration, got the red light at customs and was subject to a very cursory examination of one of my bags. Leaving the baggage area there was my beautiful girlfriend waiting for me. Definitely a sight for sore eyes :D

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