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Summer Road Biking

By smithdm3 - Posted on 04 December 2010

One of the things that Meg and I were desiring to start heading into 2010 was to take up some road biking. So, in order to do so we both picked up bikes. I got a used Trek 2100 in February or so for a $1000 but we had much more trouble finding Meg one. In the end the folks at Cyclelogik found her a good deal on a new year old model KHS Flite. As we got those purchases finished we picked up shoes, padded shorts and some Keo Look peddles.

We started off with the spring with some fairly easy rides on trails and kept adding a bit of distance. We then finally decided that we'd tackled the hills of Gatineau Park which was certainly quite a thrill. We were able to get out on a few weekend rides with Kev, Grant and Steve in the park throughout the summer and fall. I don't think we put in as many clicks as we would have liked and so I think we'll try to get out on some evening rides next summer as well, that can be kind of tough though as we do pay Ultimate twice a week and there are always other things like groceries that need doing.

We thought we'd like to do a good length tour sometime near the end of the summer and so looked around for something appropriate. We settled on the MS Rona Bike Tour from Ottawa to Kemptville (which Meg has a post on here). It was a great time and allowed us the chance to hang out with Bonnie, Grant and their three girls who all did the tour as well. We put on about 180km in the two days and a had such a great time that we're sure to do it again next year.

As the season wore down we were still able to fit in short rides, but didn't tackle Gatineau as much and now we're starting to spinning classes throughout the winter in order to make sure we start next year in good shape. My goal this year (and not accomplished, so I'll roll it over to next year) is to try to do a double loop in Gatineau which will take better endurance than I have at the moment so some solid training will certainly help!

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