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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

This is not a bad idea:
take a really small animal like hampster/guinea pig or something. in it's cage put a peice of cardboard with a grid drawn on it with numbers in each box. People purchase these numbers like roulette so when the animal "poops" in their square, they get half the pot.

Has anyone done a Stag & Doe without a DJ or dancing?

I love the idea of food/drinks/games/silent auction,etc.

How do you make it fun and lively if you don't have a DJ? Anyone done this with an ipod & some speakers, etc?

I'm curious to know about the 'flow' of the evening after everyone arrived - how did you fill up the night?

I went to a stag and doe with the lights on, no music (what so ever) or dancing. it was really boring. The food was catered in and it was amazing! Prizes were expensive (my friend won a flat screne TV) so that was cool! They did have jello shooters but they didnt sell many. We spent most of the night outside talking to some other people who had never seen a stag and doe with no music. It was a huge buzz kill.

So I'm planning my own stag and doe in may, and I've been thinking a lot about games to play. I came up with a variation of a game I saw recently. Get a box, clear plastic if possible. Put a prize in it, and have a slot in it for coins. Have a closed box, with either, Keys, coins, or something you can havea bunch of being randomized. Have around 100 of them. Make sure you have a winning One. If it's coins, paint one, if it's a key have it open the lock. The first half hour, or hour, charge $1 to pull out a key, or coin. .50C goes into the box, and .50C goes to bride and groom. If the person doesn't pull the winner it goes back into the pot. After the half hour, or hour, take 10 non winning keys/coins out of the pot. Now charge $2, again half goes into the winners box. The chances of winning are better but it's more expensive... Next hour take out another 10 coins and charge $4, and so on.... Winner gets prize and money in the case! If somebody wins early on, do it again.... It's a progressional game.

I'm throwing my friend a Buck and Doe, I am so thankful for this forum!!!!!
I have all the info that I could ever need right here!! :)

Thanks so much! :)

Does anyone have some great ideas for stag and doe theme's or clothing to distinguish the wedding party from everyone else??? We are trying to avoid T-shirts!! Thanks!!

Hi, we are having a stag & doe this Aug. the couple has moved out west to Ed. so we have decided to have the bride wear a white cowgirl hat and her attendants wear a different coloured one, we are putting a small veil on the back of the bride's scrunched in a kind of bow, but not big. The girls are also wearing Rose T-shirts and we are putting their names in fabric paint, which glows in the dark, on the back of them and an iron on heart on the front. The guys are wearing black T-shirts and having their names put on the back with yellow, glow in the dark fabric paint. I've also been to a S & D where the guys all wore bright flowered shirts, bold and the girls wore flowers around their necks. just a few ideas, might be helpful. Best of luck with your S&D...

This tends to be for rural events. The premise is that you sell bingo cards. Then you place sheets of paper with the bingo numbers in a pen full of chickens. If a chicken poops on a sheet, mark of that number on your bingo card. Winner gets a prize.

I am going to sound like everyone else on here. Thank you so very much for sharing all of your suggestions. I have been on here and read each and every comment and suggestion. I have copied and pasted ideas and important comments that could get us in ALOT of trouble.
Thank you very much to each and everyone of you for taking the time to share your ideas of this very happy occasion! The Stag and Doe is May 23, 2009 in Barrie and people are traveling from Toronto, Collingwood, Oshawa, Peterborough, Orllia, Hamilton and Burlington. People WILL TRAVEL!!
I WILL be back to share the actual $$ made and which games we played and popularity along with demographic! This is something people left out! I will help! If we were all RICH we would just hire people to run casino tables and have to charge $100.00 per ticket for admission, but we are not and that is why we are all here to help each other out!
Thank you again for your endless resources!

I am having THE most difficult time selling tickets. And it's in 2 weeks, our stag and doe.
Any suggestions? I've sold like 20.

* Have you created a Facebook page to let all of your friends know?
* Make sure all your close friends have tickets to sell... they can ask co-workers and other family members. A lot of people will buy tickets even if they don't intend on coming (as long as the ticket price is reasonable).
* Locally (Sarnia) people put ads in the paper... They do a combo Wedding/Stag announcement in the classified section.
* Also make sure your parents and family have tickets to sell... talk to your neighbours too- maybe they can sell a few for you!
**** Above all... remember to be excited about the party when selling the tickets! People will only be a psyched as you are!

How early is too early and how late is too late to throw a Stag and Doe before a wedding???

I have a few comments that mostly just add to others. Goldfish insurance for example, get a dozen or so but make sure you get a BIG one maybe even one of the big eye ones they will scare most people into buying the insurance.

Fish bowl shot . In a fair sized tank fill about 3/4 with water and a shot glass in the middle and a few gold fish in it. The gold fish will move around making it a bit harder to get it. 25c wins a couple raffle tickets $1 wins drink ticket $2 puts name in for a 40oz or 60 oz. and every time you empty the shot glass make sure it is not in the same spot.

For door prizes i have always seen a BBQ work out the best unless someone else has a better prize, please suggest?

At lot of our friends our musicians and we have a realtive that works at a music store so we were able to get a good guitar for the door prize (plus he threw in a bunch of raffle items too!)

having a stag and doe in the ottawa area... what kind of games can't we do... i heard we can get charged or they can close the hall if an inspector comes.

I'm also in the situation with the games. I come from a LARGE gambling family. They love cards, the casino.. any kind of gambling. So I'm in the situation where i don't know what to do.

I know that legions do not allow gaming tables, where the hall i booked was fine with a few tables. Nothing out of control. But either way if for any reason the authorities do show up... it's illegal. Period.

ohh good point, thanks for mentioning. I will definately look into this for my own coming up.

what kind of games were you thinking of doing that you are concerned about? The only major one I can think of is if alchol is the prize, it must go behind the bar and given to the winner at the end of the night or can only be given once the event is over and alchol is no longer being served. If anyone is caught drinking the prize or drinks that was not sold by the bar then yes this could be a big issue. Other than that, cant see why you would have a problem. I'm from Ottawa as well.

I recently celebrated our Jack and Jill party (Stag and Doe for some), a few weeks ago and was really happy about our event. I want to thank you for posting the great game ideas that we used on our day that i've read on this forum.

As well, I ended up purchasing some cool jack and jill tickets from an online company that were the talk of my party. It was nice to receive compliments from our guest when they received our ticket, the ticket actually helped us promote our event, hah. I figured i'd share the site with you. They are an invitation/ticket printer called

I spoke with one of there designers Cristina who helped me design a custom ticket and had it printed in 2 days. Great work and good service. Good luck and have a blast at your parties.

Great place for tickets but i have to say that custom tickets at are alot cheaper and they look like concert tickets.

I went to a stag and doe once and they had two pails...ones with the brides name and one with the grooms. People put money into them all night and at the end the person with the most money got a pie in the face by the other. It was hilarious and it made almost 600 dollars! At the end the bride had more money in her pail and the groom was just about to put the pie in her face when he turned it around and put it in his own face stating she looked to beautiful to do that to her. Maybe some guys wouldn't be so nice...but either way it will create some laughs!

I've been doing these stag and does for a few years now, and i've found that instead of a loonie toss, you do a toonie toss, but the catch is your prize has to be worth the money, my last one was a poker table and poker chips ( value $300), in return i raised over $800, my next one is a LCD 32" tv ( about $350 value), hoping to get about $1000, but it also depends on the amount to people attending.

Like it saids, 3 hard baseballs, 1 old 19" t.v, 3 ball for $5, stand 20 feet away, throw thw ball, and try to smash the t.v screen, first one to smash the t.v wins 1/2 the pot, nearly impossible to break.

A friend of ours just gave us a great idea for a stag and doe game that surely won't disappoint.

Buy a bunch of condoms and sell them for $2 or $3 each, have those who purchased one stand on the dance floor where they will have to open, blow up the condom and tie it like a balloon with a limit of 30 secs. Each person holds their blown up condom in front of their "area" who ever has the largest wins.

One game we are doing at my sister's Stag and Doe is where you put a deck of cards on bristol board, or a pin board and have them all face down. and to buy a card costs $2. and whatever card you bought you write you name on the back. When all the cards are bought, whoever bought the (you pick the card, maybe the Ace of Hearts) gets $50 and the bride and groom keep the other half of what was made.

# 1 Live Goldfish races ..... you have a 10 foot trough that's waterproof and you make a finish line at one end. Have a bucket of goldfish available for purchase. Each goldfish gets a warm up race and then a timed race. Drop the gold fish in one end and blow it to the other end with a straw. Time it...lowest time wins big prize

# 2 Sumo Suit wrestling can rent sumo suits and then charge $5 per match. Keep score and the end of the night the team with the least wins get ketchup and mustard bath

Silent Auctions and Raffle table where you sell tickets and take people;s bids on a piece of paper.

I would like to know where you got the sumo suits from? The only place I could find was a place in Stratford that charges almost $300 for 3 hours... if you are only charging $5 per match you wont really make any money on this.... I wanted to do this for our S&D next march so if someone knows where I can get the suits cheaper that would be great! I'm in London btw. :)
Thx so much for all the info on this site.. Huge help :)

Get the groom to get padded up really well ,get a paintball gun and sell 10 balls $5 .Let the guests shoot the groom and watch the line up.This made a friend of mine 700$.

I am absolutely loving the ideas I've come across here.

My partner and I are absolutely not a traditional couple and as I'm from Ontario and he's from New York, it'll be difficult to have our families travel twice. We've decided to have a stag and doe styled wedding reception on Halloween. Costume party, bobbing for apples, a dungeon (instead of having a penalty box), jack'o'lanterns, the works. We are not in it for the money, we are in it for the party. Having said that, it would be nice to have a little help in covering the costs, so we are planning on having games, etc. The biggest problem we're going to have is coordinating everything. We're not having a wedding party, so we're going to be running the show. Any ideas on how to ask people we're inviting to help out with some of the games? Some of my cousins have already volunteered to help out, but that may not be enough.

I know some people may find it a little weird that we're doing this, but we'd rather have a memorable event, than a boring sit down dinner/speech/dance kind of thing any day. Less than three months to go!

I actually love your idea... you're right, it will be a memorable event for sure. My buck n doe is happenening tomorrow, and what I did was I asked my brother to host the party at his house, and he's working as bartender for the night. For the rest of the games, I just asked a few friends that won't be drinking to take shifts manning the games, and in exchange would get to play one round for free when their "shift" ends....I had a bunch of friends that volunteered, because it's not like they'd be there all night just sitting at a game table. Other than that, just ask friends I guess.

Hope this helps. Best of luck on your day!

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