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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

Try the unitarian hall on clark road... they are pretty cheap we were going there but got into a community center before the stopped.

Usually if you are part of a club, italian club, elks club, any of those to rent the facilities is cheap and you can bring your own alcohol, gambling, strippers raffles for anything....i just had a stag for my brother and I am the best man. I organized everything...bought and sold the tickets for 25 bucks...sent out it catered...booked all the entertainment...bought all the raffle a few donations..booked the facility. I started 7 months before the stag so I had a lot of time to plan and spread out the money....after paying for the tickets and everything else associated with it, it cost me about 5 thousand dollars....that was going to be my gift to my brother...but thankfully enough the whole thing raised over 12 thousand dollars and my brother gave me money back even though I didnt want it. Contact me...I can help arrange small, med, and very large stags that will make a lot of money for the bride and groom to pay for the wedding...i did this because my brother and his fiance had to pay for it all

I'm very interested in what you did for your brothers stag and doe. Need some help as I've never been to one. Would really love to to hear all of your ideas.


I am very impressed that you were able to raise that much!! We are planning one for July right now, and am really unsure about it. If you have any tips that would be great!!! We are both military, and have a 7 month old with one on the money isnt always readily available haha. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Hey could you email me what games and things u did for ur brothers wedding I'm planning mine and it's in April. Any help would be appreciated. My email is
Thanks so much

hi if you could email and give me any advice on how to setup a stag and doe to make that kind of money would be very helpful to my fiancé and I. Thank you, my email is

Local Lions Club Halls, Optimist Club Halls, High School Gymnasiums or College/ Uni.'s should have rooms to rent. Even easier, some privately owned pubs will "close" for private rentals if you rent the whole space- and hey you've got your bar tenders and alcohol supply right there! Some places like the lions/optimist clubs will work your bar for you and if you reach a certain amount in bar sales you don't have to "pay" anything at all, they'll just take their rental money out of the bar profits- so it doesn't feel like your paying at all.

Try a cultural club hall, like the Italian Club or Portuguese Club- most often people believe that these clubs rentals are strictly for those of the cultural decents! Most often, this is untrue! I'm actually having my recpetion at the local italian club and neither one of us are italian!

Depending on the time of year you can have your stag and doe in your own back yard! Or a Friend who may live a bit out of town (country) who has a big shed to use!

Connolly Hall on First street, they allow you to have your own booze but they have lowered the capacity to 150pp

Hope this helps!!

Great site, its amazing all the ideas I've gotten. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get the sumo costumes. I think that would be a blast, I'm in the TO area about an hour north. Thanks

The jail idea is the best new idea *yoink*. Fish idea is crude but might work in the kegger crowds.

where would you rent a plinko game???????

four season has one, under Casino Equipment & Games


I am holding a stag and doe for my best friend and i am having troubles with figuring out drink prices...the hall we rented is supplying the beer and if we want to make money off it than we need to sell tickets (for a higher price) then at the end of the night i will pay out the amount sold. They are charging us $ i was thinking a certain price for one then more drinks for another prices kinda thing.

Also we rented a crown and anchor wheel with bets for .25 cent but im not sure how exactly the instructions go....i am replacing two sections with "bride" and "groom" and all the money go to the pot if landed on those two spaces

With all the demand lately, buy a Nintendo Wii, if you can get ahold of one. Hook it up at your event, and hold competitions with the sports games that it comes with (Boxing is best bet). Charge $3 per play, and have an all night tournament. Last man standing wins the system.


Buy the Nintendo Wii and sell raffle tickets at $5 each or 3 for $10. You'll make your money back because of the demand for the system plus some.

anybody have any ideas for a pirate themed buck and doe?

hangovers for the bride&groom!!: give the bride&groom to be as many drinks the guests can, they must finish these drinks before leaving the dance!! $5/drinks and $5 back to guest(s) for each drink to whoever drinks the remaining drinks if bride&groom can't finish anymore...a memeber of the wedding party may finish the drinks for the bride&groom if they can't drink anymore so the bride&groom can keep the money for their wedding - made this one up myself =)the drinks can be bought at the bar, then placed by the bride&grooms seats!

if anyone would like to try this, please let me now how it went at my email. i don't plan on having a stag and doe for awhile. this is just an idea that popped into my head.

I am so much more confident and excited to have my stag and doe now that I have found this site. Thanks so much everyone!!

Here are a few more ideas that I was involved in or I've came up with.

1. This first stag and doe had a hawaiian theme and they served their own alcohol with their own liquour licence. The bride bought 2 buckets of the pina colada mix and 2 buckets of the strawberry daiquiri mix, she mixed each up with the required alcohol so they froze right overnight. We served them in the plastic punch cups *they aren't too big or too small)with fun beach straws. They were a drink ticket each($3.50) and it only cost her $6.00 a bucket + the alcohol. We went around and collected the cups as ppl were finished, washed them and reused them again b/c we ran out fast. It was a great seller for the women and it went well with the theme.

2. This was another good idea. Pokor Darts. Tape a few decks of cards on paper bristal board, face up. Each person pays $2 a try and gets 5 darts per try. Stands at the designated line u place and then throws them at the board. Whoever has the best pokor hand at the end of the night wins say an LCBO gift card. This obviously has to be done on something the darts will go into. The bride and groom used wood behind it and they stayed in ok until the next one was thrown so u would either have to buy the expensive darts or i would recommend using syrofoam behind it instead of wood.

3. What my fiance has agreed to do at ours is have an auction and whomever wins with the highest amount gets to wax his chest (he's got a really hair chest, and yes he is crazy for agreeing to do this but I'm not going to say anything b/c then it gets me out of doing something crazy like eating a gold fish)

Hope these are helpful to someone! Good luck everyone with their planning!

I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to post Jack and Jill ideas. I am helping to plan one for my BIL and his fiancee and had NO idea how! I've only even been to one before! There are some amazing ideas here and I'm really glad I hit this site first before spending hours getting lost on the net!

Me too!! I totally agree with FSL... I have never thrown one before either and was freakin out cause it's close and I had no idea about games, prizes, prices. The first site on the list after I googled it was this one... THANK GOODNESS! This site is awesome and we would never have been able to throw this thing without all the great ideas from everyone! I am sooooo looking forward to this stag and doe and think it's gonna be an absolute BLAST!!!! Thanks again to everyone for their help! ♥ And for sure if any of the other wedding party members have some great ideas that aren't on here I will definitely contribute what I can!!!!

I just found out the jello shooters are not alloud at the Royal Canadian legion so make sure you ask at what ever hall you are going to rent as they are not recognised by the liquor control board of Ontario.

As an alternative make jello shooters without alcohol. Can you say "placebo". We've all seen the impact of too much alcohol including those tasty little shooters. I now tell my guests -- "by the way, the orange shooters are non-alcoholic" - when in fact all the other flavours are also non-alcoholic. Its a win win: everyone loves a shooter for its novelty (and now pregnant moms and non-drinkers can share in the fun). You're the only one that has to know that you're watching out for your guests' safety. PS Watch at the end of the night -- all the orange shooters will be gone.

We're have a stag and doe this weekend and were wondering how the toonie toss works. If you have a bunch of people tossing toonies, how do you know which belongs to who? The more we think about it, the more confused we get. Thanks for any help!

You place an EMPTY liquor bottle about 20-25 feet away from a throwing line that is marked with masking tape. You need a SMOOTH FLOOR for this. Each person takes their toonie and either slides it towards the liquor bottle or throws it WITHOUT hitting the bottle. If they hit the bottle, the toonie is yours. They lose. Who ever is closest at the end wins. Make sure to pick up the toonies after each person throws/slides so you don't get confused, you only leave the toonie on the floor that is closest to the bottle. If a person throws multiple toonies in one turn than you also leave their toonies on the floor til the don't have anymore toonies left in hand because they can even try bumping their previously tossed toonies towards the bottle.

I am planning a stag and doe and was wondering about food. What type of food should I serve and also are drinks supposed to be included in the ticket price?

At our stag and doe we are doing a large buffet, everyone in the wedding party is bringing one dish, and we also have other families willing to help. So we are having veggies, and dip, lasagna, taco salad, fruit and homemade caramel dip, cheese and crackers, chips on every table, sandwiches, pizza, slow cooked roast beef, free pop and water, and desserts but we also are expecting 500 people because we are doing it at a local club/bar that's only opened on Friday nights for special events, and I also work there.
Alcoholic drinks are not usually included in the ticket price, normally the hall charges YOU a certain price per drink, and you raise the price for the guests, so the difference is revenue for you. Unless the location lets you bring your own alcohol to sell.

Hey everyone!! I am hosting a Buck & Doe style fundraiser in name of a friend who has recently passed away from Leukemia. Our guests are (age) ranging between 18 and up...

I am really impressed with the suggestions on this page, and would like to thank you all for contributing...

Anyways, my Event Committee and I explored the idea of Goldfish or Worm Insurance, and were fairly grossed out by the concept. I had a brilliant idea, which I think would be a fabulous alternative for anyone considering the insurance, but not prepared to sacrifice the real live fish/ it is...

Go to your local petstore and purchase a goldfish and a fishbowl. (Usually the day of, or the day before. As they typically don't live very long. (If you like the idea of a worm better, than go to wherever they sell LIVE BAIT and purchase a styrofoam container of worms, and keep them in the fridge...they too should also be purchased the day of or before, to ensure they survive the night.)
Next, go to your local bulk store (or grocery store with a bulk food section) and purchase a box of Goldfish Crackers, and a bag of gummie worms.

Set up your admission table (where you will be greeting guests, or where you will sell your drink tickets etc. and set up either your fishbowl, or worm container with a sign that gives warning. Advising that if they are asked to provide proof of insurance, and have not bought insurance (issue a ticket or something they can produce as proof) they will be required to eat either the fish or the worm. Throughout the night, get your emcee or host to point to someone and request proof of insurance...keep asking until someone is unable to produce proof of insurance. When this happens, suggest the option that they pay ($5/$7) to get out of having to eat the fish/worm. Most people cringe at this thought and will fork over the cash...once they have made their decision to either pay or not pay, hand them either a bag of fish crackers, or worms!!

Anyways, if you have any other ideas specifically for fundraising or even for buck and does, please contact me through email.... thanks


Hi everyone, this is by far the best site for Stag and Doe ideas I have found, and what's better, I'm from the Oshawa area so all the prices and the syringe jello shooter idea are relevant and doable!

I have one more idea to add to the list: Provide a dedicated cab driver for your Stag and Doe - when guests need a ride home, have a friend take them where they want and charge a flat fee, then at the end of the night, pay the friend for their gas and pocket the profit! This is great because you're being responsible for getting guests home safely and pocketing the money people would otherwise give to a cab company!

If anyone has more halloween stag and doe ideas, I'm all ears!

Thanks for the great idea with the dedicated cab driver! thats a great way to raise $$, as well insure your friends get home safe...!!

I recently got married, and a couple of things that we did for our stag and doe was when the music was playing, if you didn't like the song, you could go up to the DJ and tell them to change it. You could pay $2.00 immediatly to play whatever song you wanted :)

Sorry I couldn't help out more, but all our things we did at our stag and doe were already posted here! :)

Thanks for the great website! very informative! :)
Best of luck to everyone...

I really like this pay the DJ to play idea...however, my question is, what if I go and pay $2.00 to have it changed and then someone doesn't like my song...would it not be most ideal to ensure notification that the current song has been paid for and there for cannot be changed?
Does it get too confusing?

Thanks for an amazing idea tho!

You can also call your local School Bus Line and rent a school bus to have a pick up for people at a local bar at a dictated time (9pm) and have the bus drive them from the bar to your event, and then the bus can take them back to the bar(12:30am or 1am)

*Be sure if you pick this route that this is printed on the tickets and the D.J. announces at 1/2 and 15 min warning before the bus leaves. You can also have the D.J. suggest that people planning on having a few set their cell phone alarm clock to vibrate to go off 15 minutes before the bus leaves so they know when to start their goodbyes to have time to stumble to the bus.

Even in the summer bus lines have people working- they have to do maintenance on the buses they couldn't have time to complete during the year

I have the bus for our stag and doe to take people from a bar, to our stag, then come back at 12:30am to pick anyone who wants a ride back to the bar (which is in the middlle of town so most people can walk home, picking their car up in the monring)all for $260 + tip. Hey it's worth knowing you gave people the option to be safe!

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