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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

Yeah you just suck it up with the syringe. Then we stand them up in plastic buckets we bought at the dollar store and put them in the fridge

It's a good idea to go to your local hardware store and buy cloth work pouches for the shooter girls. Makes it easy to sort and organize money

Hey this is a great idea! Actually this entire website is well maintained and all the information is GREAT. Are you from the Niagara Region? Hope so as I need to know where you bought the syringes from?


how do you keep the jeelo shooters in fridge in the syringes

hey! I am just wondering where you would purchase them for so cheap?

please let me know

This idea hasnt been tested yet... but create a plinko game with nails and wood and have people buy balls to drop on the board. If their ball lands in the prize hole.. then you can A) have them answer a skill testing question on the bride and groom or B) have them choose between an ok prize or a mystery prize hidden in a box

we did this and used cd's

I've seen this done at a few outdoor stags... if there are any avalible vehicles, dead and ready for the wreckers, you can auction it off to be wrecked piece by piece, get 2 girls to bid on breaking the back window with a sledge hammer, guys tend to make a competition of popping tires... ect. raises a lot of money! best done on private property.

The weekend before my stag and doe me and about ten of my buddies got together at my farm and had a party. We had 3 old cars ready to scrap but still ran and had bets on how long they would run with the oil drained and no water in them. I have always thought if you were having a big stag and doe outside it would make a lot of money in guessing how long they run and if you like cars or that kinda thing at all it is a lot of fun. We had an old grand am run for 6 min.
Lotsa great ideas!!

Thanks for the great ideas thus far. Here is one I've seen that was quite successful.

Fish bowl game: Have 2 goldfish in a standard fishbowl. Make sure you fill it leaving ~ 1-2 inches from the top. Throughout the night, people can drop in loonies and toonies. If the water goes over the edge, the bride and/or the groom must eat the fish! Yes this is leave a lot of space from the top!!

1. The traditional pin the tail on the donkey with a spin. Print up enlarged pictures of the bride and groom. Blindfold participants and have them try to pin the nose/lips on the bride or groom. Too funny when people have a couple of drinks in them!
2. Find the Joker. Tape a deck of cards face down on a bristol board. People pay to put their name on a card. Once all the cards are written on turn them over and whoever wrote their name on the joker takes 1/2 the pot/$50, etc.
3. To Sing or Not to Sing. Put two jars on the bar with a line near the top. One jar will be for the bride, the other for the groom. People can put their change in the jars. The first jar full indicates that either the bride or the groom will have to sing a solo! We are doing twinkle twinkle but you get creative!

A really easy (and cheap) game is Joker's Wild. Buy a deck of cards at the dollar store, take one joker out of the deck and use the remaining 51 cards. On a bristol board tape each card face down and keep the board at the door when people come in. Sell each card for $2 each and have the person write their name on the back of the card in black marker. When all the cards are filled turn them over to reveal who had their name on the joker. The winner gets half the pot - $50. The remainder is for keeps. The whole game costs about $1.50 and I did two boards because they filled up fast!

I'm a future bride and I gotta say this site has been very,very helpful.Here in Thunder Bay,ON we call them Shag's (Shower/Stag combined) and they all seem to be the same boring thing over & over.I hope to WOW people with some of the games & prizes I've read on here.And also make a killing in $$$ LOL Thanks again for all your help...T.L.K.

Wow Tabitha, nice to see a familiar person on here...your shag was awesome by the way, I just wish Heather's shag still happened...we would ahve had a blast with some of this stuff!
That's ok, I am marking down my ideas for my shag next year...for now, getting ideas for the benefit shag I am putting together for September!


Cassie <3

these have been some really great ideas everyone! im helping in planning my own jack and jill next month and i love some of the ideas on this kick ass page and hopefully everyone at my j&j will too!

about the gaming license, where would i get one of those? just in case? because we will be having a lot of $ games etc.

I am planning our Halloween stag and doe, a Vampire Masked Ball or a Mardi-Gras Theme. Guests are encouraged to wear masks with semi-formal dress or costumes. We will be serving red punch, Ceasar's and Bloodmarry Cocktails in goblets.(to look like blood)and a candy bar. The event will be hosted inan old stonework church bastment with a stage for music.

We are having a best mask or costume prize. Guests recieve a gift at the door with a mask and a set of vampire fangs or a small bubble-wand with a sticker labelled Holywater or cross-rosarey. The gifts have a label with a tag that eith says 'Vampire' or 'Vampire Hunter (something like that)' Depending on what you get, there with be team games.

We are also considering a mardi-gras theme. With game prizes being mardi-gras bead necklaces. The person with the most at the end of the night gets a prize. So people can beg and bartter other guests for beads as well as win them. They also make fun souvenirs.

Some games we thought of might be:
2 teams. Build a wedding dress made of toilet paper and skotch tape.

Lugage savenger hunts. 2 teams have to get everyday items from guests like, breath mints, lipstick, a condom or tampon from from the bathroom vending machine, etc... Each peson puts the gathered item in their large piece of lugage (on wheels) and races back to the wedding party to win.

A really good money maker is to raffle a case of beer. Take out the beer bottles from the slots (24 in all) and raffle each slot for $5. One slot is chossen at random and that person wins the case. That's about a $100 profit from one case of beer. This offen does so well that more then one case can be done. And guest are happy since they will win a case for only $5.

ive seen this done a few ways but my thougths are
whippin cream in pie plate
bride with necklace that states donate to see groom get pie in face
and groom wears one that states donate to see bride get pie in face
at the end of night(so you can just go home and wash up)
the one with the most money in necklace(or jar on table) gets to put pie in others face(play on the mushing teh cake at wedding)

other variation- auction whoever donates most gets to put pie in bride.groom face... or 5 $ a mush

All of these ideas are awesome and I am using a few for my stag this weekend! I just wanted to write to say that I have been having trouble finding something to put the beer in to keep it cold. I was at a stag and doe last weekend and they used canoes. They got two canoes and it worked awesomely!

I have done so many Jack and Jills (stag & does) whatever you want to call them, and have really enjoyed reading through everyones ideas, I have one for you that you can't pass up, takes a bit of work, but really makes $ for the bride and groom!

Round up through family and close friends items for the silent auction, gift certificates, tools, whatever they can come up with and end the auction near the end of the night. remind people through the night to get bidding. Number each item visably, and have a sheet of paper that corresponds with each item, on the sheet have name, and bid column.

Name Bid
George Pickle $5
Ralph Peanut $7.50

the bids can really add up on the good ones, and people feel great cause they are getting something for their $.

for one jack and jill, I printed off my computer a picture of the bride and groom, put it in a dollar store frame and it sold for over $50!!
We have had grandmothers make afghans, and a woven rug.
other ideas are Bottles of booze, fishing rod and tackle, tools, pictures in frames, gift certificates from friends with business' Round of golf (did really well on this one) swags, Candles, gas gift cert.

Anything really, just make sure its new (or looks it)
Good Luck everyone with your parties! Its so much fun, and not tacky at all, it is an opportunity to go out, have fun and celebrate the couple that is getting married!!

remember when selling tickets to make it sound like it is the party to be going to! make them feel like they will be missing out if they dont check it out! haha be sure to decorate! (theme's are fun!)

Is having a Friday night Stag and Doe ok?

Friday night Stag and Does are usually cheaper when it comes to renting a hall and/or DJ

a Friday night Stag & Doe... I went to one recently in fact.

Thank to everyone for your suggetions and comments. I will deffinetly be using most of them at my Stag in May.

One thing that one of my girls thought of doing was auctionin goff the bridesmaids (a great idea, since they're all gorgeous).

Another great idea we'll be trying is an applebob. We will be writing numbers in permanent marker which will relate to a prize on the board above. We're thinking of charging $2 for 3 chances. Larger apples will hae better prizes.

As for prize ideas - try a "combo bag" that contains 50/50 tickets, drink tickets, and raffle tickets. A great prize with a little bit of everything.

Good luck to everyone

Two of my friends have done this golf game at their Stag & Does:

The game is set up as a mini putt station with 5 different holes to shoot into. The mini putt board is homemade. It's just a piece of plywood with five holes at the bottom, being held up by more plywood as a stand behind it. Golf balls and putter are borrowed from a friend.
Above each hole in the plywood, numbers are written like this: 2 3 5 3 2
(or use your own number values)

They sell 3 putts for $5.

At the end of the night, the person who has the highest score after 3 putts (remember to keep track) wins half the pot. Sometimes I've seen putt-offs because 2-3 people tie.
Really fun and everyone ends up watching and getting into it!

If you want a good laugh...this is it!

Basically you have two or so stations set up with plungers and sandpaper. Around the plunger you have a marker line. The object of the game is to make the line disappear as quick as possible by vigorously using the sandpaper ( up and down ) and try to "beat" out the other contestant/s for zee prize hahaha! It is quite entertaining...I'm not sure what to charge...maybe$2.00 shot?

PS: My best friends jack and jill is on a Friday and i haven't heard too much negative about it so far... the only thing would be somebody who works late on fridays or on a midnight shift-as it is still a workday...Saturday is most likely the most popular day to have one.

Have a blast anyway!!! : )

Keep up the good work people---this site is VERY helpful--- :^)


...............................COULD YOU EVEN IMAGINE.....THINK ABOUT IT.................................. ARRIVE ALIVE!


Lovve your slogans at the bottom, I am hugely against drinking and driving, so we have provided free taxi's intown which only cost us $175 for 2 cabs for the night, and are also providing a bus that will be stopping at each small community outside of town!! We rented the bus for 3 hours @ $50/hour! So instead of getting pizza or something that would cost the same as the free rides home, our aunts and so forth are doing potluck for us!!

Where does one get the door prizes and rafel prizes from? Should I buy them my self or what should I do?

Hey, I'm in London ON, and they've just made a city by-law that stag and doe's can not be held in city venues...just my luck! This eliminates all the community centres that allow you to bring in your own alcohol.

Has anyone held a Stag n' Doe at a hall where you can not bring in your own alcohol? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it?? Do you make "that" much money when you bring in your own?? I have a location that has waived the rental fee for me, but they sell the alcohol.

Does anyone know of a place in London that is "inexpensive" where you can bring your own in?

Thanks :-)

I had a friend who had one at a hall where the hall sold the booze.

All they did was tack on a dollar to every drink sold for the bride and groom. So, as long as your hall isn't overcharging.. it should work out

My best friends are having their stag and doe at the Lambeth Legion, but I'm sure this applies to all London Legions. They sell the drinks at a set cost (2.25 or 2.50) per drink and you sell the drink tickets for whatever price you decide on. We're charging $4 per drink and that way are making 1.50 per drink and it's still cheaper than drinking in a bar. You'd be amazed at how much money you'll make off of booze alone! I went to one in London a few weeks back that was done this way and had 4 or 5 games and made over $3000. Any profit is money in your pocket that wasn't there before.

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