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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

The lottery ticket poster board is a prize that I've seen overflow with popularity at many silent auctions. It's an easy way for lots of friends and family to contribute a little to the prizes, as they can each provide a few tickets.

Also, thanks immensely to all who've contributed to this stream. The big biz wedding websites should be ashamed at just how much more useful this was for me than theirs!

Out of about 3 Hours ive been looking for info on planning for my Stag and Doe and i think this was the last hour and a half. this has been more then enough help and i like to thank everyone who contributed on this web. the only think i regret is not haveing anything else to give to you all!

traditionally do you through your own stag and doe or does some one through it for you?

traditionally the bridal party is supposed to throw the stag 'n' doe but, now a days the bride and groom are footing the bill themselves!!

It has been my understanding that the Stag & Doe is thrown by the Wedding Party.

The bride and groom do have imput, incase there is something that they really do not want to do. The expenses, if they are paid by wedding party or whoever, are reimbursed and the net profit goes to the Bride and Groom, so really doesn't matter who foots the bill, as the money comes out of what the stag and doe earned. The Stag and Doe that I planned last Oct, raised over $8000 net.
The Bride and Groom are there to enjoy theirselves and someone responsible should handle the evening affairs, including the money.

How much did you spent?

So i came up with a brilliant idea. I gathered together different a tutu, whipped cream, hair gel, top hat, ladies bikini, non permanent marker, and tons of other funny things. List all of the items on a poster board for everyone to see. The title of the game is WHAT WOULD YOU PAY TO SEE!??! List a time for the event to take place (between 9 and 10pm). People bid a dollar amount, on a piece of paper, and also write down using any of the props as ideas as to what they'd pay to see. For example.... "I would pay $10 to see the future groom in a tutu, eat whipped cream off a bald mans head." They then put the money and suggestion into an envelope, and a box for submission. There has to be a designated time for the box to be opened and the game to begin. If someone leaves before the challenge time that is listed, the money is automatically won by the couple. You can read out loud what they so narrowly missed having to do! So basically we used the DJs mic to annouce and explain the game.

The bride and groom are the guinnea pigs and should prepare to do some pretty funny things. However, you only have to perform the task if you want the money. If it isn't something you want to do (ie, shave off facial hair) then you just announce the task to the crowd, and politely turn down the challenge, and return the money. Money is collected from the guest before the performance, but not yet given to the couple until completion. Money is returned to the guest if the task is denied. IT IS SUPER HILARIOUS!! I'm pretty proud of this game idea, and it was a huge hit. BIG TIME MONEY MAKER!!

Hey I loved this idea, being a bride to be myself I am (can't help myself) helping my MOH plan our Jack & Jill.

We will definately play this game sounds like lots of fun.

Where is the list for all the items on a poster board for "I would pay to see that" for the stag n doe game ideas. I would like to try this out!

We are having a St. Patty's Day Buck and Doe for my girlfriends pre-wedding party. Wondering if anyone has any ideas to go along with the theme. We are definately doing green beer. And we have a couple games like worm insurance (similar to fish insurance) and black jack. We are also doing the wheelbarrow draw.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Pamela, we're hosting a St.Patty's Day Stag and Doe also! It's such a great idea! We're also doing green beer and fish insurance. I also think we are going to give away a texas mickey as the main door prize. That way, hopefully more tickets will sell!

Any other St.Patty's ideas would be awesome!!


This is a really old game but most of the people attending the party will not have played the game in a while. Musical chairs!! you need to do this game well into the night so that people are a little less co-ordinated. It's a great laugh and five dollars to play with 20 chairs to easy hundred bucks!!!

We are having our Buck n Doe St. Paddy's Day as well. We have lots of theme decorations, & green beer & Bailey's Irish Cream. We are also handing out green St.Paddy's Day necklaces with shooter cups attached to them to everyone at the door.
Some of the games we are doing are 50/50, Musical Chairs, Blackjack tables & we are also playing the Hammer & Nail game. Everyone pays $5.00 to sign up. You need a large stump of wood & 2 hammers & lots of nails. It's a competition between two people at a time to see who can pound the nail into the stump first, but only with 1 hit at a time back & forth & it has to be straight....some people nail it on the first hit & others take a while longer, especially after they have had a few drinks!! Good money maker!! People have alot of fun doing it...& they will win a 40 oz of Crown Royal for a prize!!
We charged $30 per person....but that's all you can eat & drink!!! (Our wedding party made the food...chili, etc.) We also got alot of door prizes certificates for golfing, beer fridge, baseball tickets, etc.
Hope some of these ideas help

Hello, A really good game is to get a "100 dollar bill" and put it in a picture frame. Cover up the serial number on the bill.
On a HUGE bristal board, write in columns and rows fake serial numbers. (put about 100 - 200 squares/serial numbers). Write down which serial number corresponds to the bill (don't forget) Charge 5$ a serial number and then reveil who won the 100$ bill at the end.

if the hall doesn't allow alcohol prizes to be brought in, then just draw for a computer-printed certificate for the bottles. As the winner leaves the stag and doe they bring the certificate to a designated member of the wedding party and they are escorted outside to a vehicle where the prizes are stored (lock doors of course!) they then trade in their "IOU" certificate for their prize.

It is actually illegal to give bottles of alcohol as prizes, you would be smarter to give gift certificates. This way, the winner can choose exactly what they want!

I am doing that at my stag and doe! Since my wedding party is buying prizes i told them to buy gift certificates instead of booze. You also dont want people drinking out of the bottle before they leave or in their ride home, who knows. You are responsible for the people there and getting them home safely. I also have my smart serve and know all about the responsibility's with liquor licenses :)

We are having our stag and doe in a couple of weeks. I am new to the country and wont know most of the people attending. Would it be inappropriate to wear a t-shirt saying "bride to be" or "future Mrs..."?

Not at all. Im planning a stag and doe for my brother. Everyone is going to be wearing shirts that explain who they are, Bride, Groom, Bridal party, mother/father of the groom ect.

I'm having our Stag and Doe in July, and a cool thing we're doing is wearing plain white tshirts and charging $2 to write a litle message to the bride and groom on them with fabric markers. this way you have a keepsake from the party

We are having a barbeque in lieu of a stag and doe for my brother and his finance. They do not want any money raised as this is against her "ideals". The 2 families/friends are from different countries and so not know each other. There is a bit of a language barrier as well. We are looking for "games" that will result in both sides getting to know each other a little better before the wedding day.
The one game we have thought of is the bingo game with questions about the people present. You have to find out who fits the clues on the card.
Any other ideas for games would be very helpful. Part of this party will be outdoors and part indoors later in the evening.
Thank you for your help.

One idea that i thought would be good, is to do a guess the Alcoholic Candy in the jar. Pretty much the same as guess the jelly beans in the jar, but much more appealing in such a setting!

Check online for how to do it!

Also, if your having an auction, to make sure all big and SMALL prizes do get bid on, have numbered boxes to put your tickets into, but which prize goes with which box, no one knows until its drawn!!

I am the matron of honour for my sisters wedding and we did the jello shooters musical chairs game. You charge $5 to play and whoever gets a chair when the music stops get a shooter. The game continues until the last person wins and either drinks 5 more shhoters or get 5 free beer or liqour tickets. It's a great way to make money and people love the jello shooters plus, jello shooters are so cheap so the cost next to nothing when organizing this game. Enjoy!

I have completed 2 Jack and Jill / Stag and Does

And here's what I did

Find out what date the Bride and Groom are both available, always on a Saturday.

Rent a hall ($300 CAN, capacity 120)

print tickets - Designed and printed on my computer
on Business card paper with
printing on both sides.

info on tickets - name of couple
cost of tickets (mine were $10)
Location of event
time of event
my contact info (for questions)
info on party
i.e. food, cheap drinks, etc

Get liquor permit and insurance (if needed)

if hall doesn't provide a bartender, use a friend you trust.

get as many people to buy in advance as possible!


Crown and Anchor - did very well!!

Blackjack - would not recommend - not good - too unpredictable

Joker's Wild - 1 deck on cards + one Joker taped to a bristol board face down. people pay to write their names on the back, when the board is full... you reveal where the Joker is and that person wins half the money. We had 2 of these going, one was $1 per card.. the other for $2 per card -- SOLD ALL THE CARDS QUICKLY ON BOTH BOARDS

Jello shooter in Syringes -- AMAZING! sold 300 at each party @ $2 each! Find a medical supply store to buy the syringes (without needles of course). You need the ones that are 20CC. These were a massive hit and we sold out at each party. They costed me .18 cents each syringe + the booze

Loonie and Toonie toss (Lucky Booze toss for the Americans)
Take a medium bottle of booze and put it at one end of the hall, then take a piece of tape and put at the other end of the hall. Now, sell poker chips (one color) for a dollar. People take their turn at the line trying to toss their chip closest to the bottle. Keep going till nobody wants to but any more chips. Later on in the night do the same setup, with a bigger bottle of booze, different color chips, for $2 -- this made a tremendous amount of money.

50/50 tickets -- Good 1 for $2, 3 for $5, or arms length for $10

Raffles -- Very good -- You have 3-4 nice basket prizes set up on a table, with a little labeled gift bag in front of it. you sell 50/50 type tickets (not the same color as the 50/50 tickets) We sold them 1 for $2, 3 for $5 or arms length for $10... everyone goes for $10. they go and put their tickets into the bag for the prize they want to win, of course keeping half the ticket. since most of these prizes were put together by family for free, this was all profit.

We also had door prizes, but didn't make any money off of this. Anyone who walked through the door got a numbered door ticket, we just drew prizes throughout the night

We sold our drinks for the following prices in CAN dollars

Bottles of water - FREE
Cans of pop - $1
Jello - Shooters $2
Bottled Beer or mixed drinks $3.50
Coolers -- $4.50
We had no specials for buying multiple tickets

People would normally give their change to the bride and groom in a bucket we had on the table

Other than the shooter girls, and crown and anchor, all the money was handled at one table, by the wedding party. The bartender didn't have to handle any money. The one table sold all the drink tickets, raffle tickets, etc...

One last thing...

The second one I hosted was Hawaiian themed.
It was AMAZING! Highly recommend the Luau

If you have any question regarding any of this, just e-mail me

I love your idea for the syringes! Can you tell me where you got them from at such a great price?

sorry it took me so long

I picked them up at a place called Durham Medical in Oshawa Ontario Canada

but just look in your yellow pages for medical supplies

20cc syringes

any other questions?

I also got my syringes from this Medical Supply Store. We sold 200 in 5 minutes, could have sold 500 if I had them.

I am now running another stag and doe, and have ordered 400.

we have a doctor in the family, he has tonnes at his office (free), ask any doctor friends you have

did you have a dj for people to dance????

Hi Jay,
I love the syringe idea as well. I've always done my jell-o shooters in the usual jello cups, but was wondering about your idea.
Now, did you just suck up the jello mixture with the syringes & stick them in the fridge? How exactly did you make these?
Any help you can give me would be great!! THANKS!!

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