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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

Business often keep their donations for charitable causes- and so they should...but small businesses love and need to advertise so if you approach asking for a donation by making sure that you advertise/endorse the business at your event everyone wins!!!!

I have been to a stag and doe where they had the jail and you had to pay $1 to throw someone in there and they used the length of a song in there. They had no restrictions on talking or drinking but you pay for a song. And they charged $5 for insurance so you are safe from being thrown in there. Not sure how much the couple made but it appeared successful. I know I was thrown in there a couple of times.

Just a thought....get out of jail free cards can be sold so people can avoid going to jail!!

You can go to Staples and get buisness cards to act as your stag and doe tickets...on them you can put the price, date, name of bride and groom and on the back you can have a can personalize them just for your taste.

I am Getting married in may 2011, and my stag & doe is in feb. Normaly you have it 2 or 3 months before the wedding.

guys could wear referee shirts, construction outfits with toolbelts or hard hats. I've also seen t-shirts that look like tuxedos. Sports jersheys with their favourite teams. Or buy plain shirts and iron on letters from a craft store. They could say bride or groom, or team 'smith' if the grooms last name was smith.

A good idea for a game is pie in the face. The bride and groom each have a money box with a string, so they wear it like a necklace. They go around asking the guests for donations. Who ever raises the most money wins and avoids getting the pie in the face. The loser gets the pie in the face. This game will normally raise $600-$1000

ticket master sells tickets in bundles for like 40 bucks looks like real concert tickets

Rachel you normally have the stag and doe two months prior to the wedding

We just had our stag n doe tickets printed from Ticketmaster. They are awesome, come numbered and have 3 perforations in them. After I approved them I had them in my hand 2 days later. the total cost for 300 was $60

swallow a live minnow? nice cruelty to animals.

I was thinking of doing this at out upcoming Buck N Doe, but we're going give the option of buying out of it for twice the price after their name has been drawn. Don't worry, whatever minnows aren't swallowed by our friends will be donated to the turtle tank where they will be savagely torn apart by two hungry red eared sliders.

Just so you know eating a fish alive or dead is not animal cruelty. Its not like your ea ting a dog or a cat while its alive :) LOL

we went thru ticket master for our S&D stickets. $48 (incl shipping) for 400 tickets and they look professional.

You can order 250 business cards free, and only $8 for an extra 250. Plus $8 shipping. Designs are limited, but for that price, who cares. Just put in your event information instead of business info. I got 500 tickets for $18.

i found many games from Stag & Doe ideas hopefully we find some more fun activities.
funny sayings

Hey there, I just got my stag and doe tickets from I used the 250 free business cards, changed the info and upgraded them a bit. For around $13 all in I have 250 tickets that look great :)

ticketmaster was the best price. about 60 bucks for 400 customized photo tickets

doller store

I went on line to ticketmaster and got 500 tickets for $70 and were delivered next day, they looked great too.

Yes Ticket master was amazing we did raffle tickets for a BIG grand prize trip we had and our stag n doe tickets they were really fast as well. we got 700 tickets in two different colours for around $80

That's both disgusting and inhumane.

There have been some great ideas here. I thought of a few in recent years that we've done.
1. Put rows of double sided tape up the wall in different lengths. At the top of each row have a "task" the bride and groom (ie: to run around the room and collect as many keys as possible). People stick loonies on the tape, and once it reaches the task, the bride and groom HAVE to do the task (getting harder and more embarrassing each time!!). It was a hoot! The last row was the couples had to exchange clothes (as many as they could). I laughed so hard...totally worth it!
2. Get a few 2 x 4's and start a bunch of nails into the board. Guys have to pound the nail in the least amount of strikes (charge $1 per nail) people get drunk it takes longer (and they seem to get more competitive as they drink...)It's very funny, but can be messy.
3. Fish races. By a bunch of gold fish (and rent a racing table). Guys buy a fish, and bet on who will come out the winner....loser has to eat his fish, or pay $5 to get out of it. The boys have more fun with this one.
Hope this helps everyone!!

My fiance and I are getting married outside the country and are not from Canada. I am not sure what the protocol is for throwing these parties but I wondered if someone could offer some pointers. Where do you have it, who pays for it, what is the objective of raising money, what are some unique ideas? Sorry we are a bit clueless since this isn't part of our customs but we wanted to have a little celebration since most of our friends will not be able to attend the wedding overseas.

This should be an informal but fun gathering of your friends and family. Anyone close to you, but there can also be people who want to support you that may be friends of your family and guests and they are welcome too!

The point of the event is to raise money for the couple to either help with the cost of their wedding, honeymoon or to put towards a new house etc.... The other point to the event is to have a less formal party that should be all about fun and games!

Usually the wedding party and family will help to donate gifts for door prizes and may come up with games. Usually the friends and family will bring food or the event can be catered. Just make sure the cost of the catering is included in the ticket price. The more people have fun, the more they like to spend their money. It is also a fun way for people to meet one another and to just celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

Good luck!

I have got so many ideas from this site...its awesome! Heres my contribution. Get a deck of playing cards and write a prize on the face of a few of them or make a legand. Like Jacks=mickey of booze or other prize etc. Tape all these cards face down on a big piece of board or on an extra table. Each person can pay $2.00 to either write their name on it and at the end of the night announce the winners or do it as an instant win thing.

I am very excited about the PIE auction!

I am also going to try and have an 80s dance party and if ppl show up in full costume its $10 or $15 without. You could run with this or other themes throughout the event. You could even have a Halloween party in the middle of the summer etc!

i recently saw tickets at the dollar store. they were the kind you can rip off the roll. they had ones for admission, beer, and liquor.

Assign a "shot song" at the beginning of the night, and have the dj periodically remind everyone what song it is and to listen for it. When that song starts the next three people in line at the bar get a free shot that they race to finish first. This game keeps people in the bar line which is good if you are making your money off the bar sales. It also commands attention to the bar every time the song is played-reminding everyone to go there.

GREAT idea! Thanks! :)

This site has been awesome for getting my mind rolling as I begin to plan my own Stag & Doe!

One idea that I have been told about that I think we will do is buying (*downloading) a computer horse racing game. You set up your laptop with a projector onto the wall/screen and have one person manage the races. Guests will pay to have a horse in the race then the moderator starts the races. It sounds like a big seller because of the excitement that surrounds the game. Really brings out the competitiveness in people!

I got some great ideas from this's mine:

The bridal party gets coupled off (easiest is who they are walking down the isle with), the boys cover their hands in peanut butter and the female partners have to 'toss' smarties trying to get them to stick to their partners' hands. Beforehand people take bets on which couple is going to win...the winners get their money back and the losers donate to a good cause...the men are encouraged to steal other couples flying's funny to watch and a money maker!

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