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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

For those of you who are not sure where to get your tickets, staples carries EVENT TICKETS. There are 400 include, they are already perforated, and there's a program that comes with the tickets so you can individualize them and print them at home! Very easy and inexpensive!

Hi there,
My fiance and I are getting married next year and have been trying to find ways to raise money. We actually had a photographer offer a day of photos for family and friends. She is charging $15 for 15 minutes and 20 photos on a disc. We got to pick the location and we get $5 for every session booked. We actually had to make a second day due to the popularity of it.

We also are having a raffle called "Beer for a Year". We got this idea from a friend and this is how it works. We're offering tickets $10/each or 3/$25 and the winner will receive a case of beer every other week (to get around laws and such, we are giving it as gift cards - this way people who don't like beer can go to the lcbo with their gift card) out to $850 in gift cards sent monthly by mail to the winner. People are loving the idea and we are selling it prior to the Stag and Doe and drawing the name at the Stag & Doe. We are asking for names and numbers on the tickets so people don't have to actually attend our event.

Hope this helps, feel free to message me for any clarification... GOOD LUCK! :)

ps- thanks for such awesome ideas, I spent a good chunk of time reading through this site!

love all the ideas, they were a great help to me.

I am looking for venues for a NYE Stag and Doe... We're looking for somewhere with a bar that we can provide our own liquor and food. Do you have any suggestions?

I would appreciate any help you can give me!

PS: Thanks for all the great game ideas!

In my hometown a stag is where people from the wedding party or family sell tickets for like 2 or 3$ to raise money for the bride and groom. And then we get a truck and hijack the bride and groom and tie them on a bench somewhere in public and whoever bought a ticket are allowed to come and put gross stuff on the bride and groom. usually people put ketchup and mustard all over them and eggs and so on. then afterwards the bride and groom sit in the back of the truck as they get driven around the town so everyone can see them and then get thrown in a lake to wash off. Afterwards theres usually a big party somewhere where more games are held to raise money it's very fun. maybe not so much for the bride and groom at first but hey it can make lots of money for them.

How soon can you start to sell your buck and doe tickets? Couple of months in advance?

My buck-and-doe isn't for a year, but I've gathered great ideas from attending others.

Toonie toss - get a big bottle of booze (texas mickey) and people toss toonies at the bottle from a line of tape on the floor. Whoever gets closest to the bottle without touching wins. It is possible to knock someone's toonie out of the way - this keeps the competition going.

Also a great take on this is a Coach brand purse toonie toss to get the non-drinkers and ladies involved. Go to a Coach outlet store where you can often get a $400+ purse for $100. I've known 3 stag and does to do this and each profited over $300 minimum at this game. Often it makes more money than the Texas mickey toonie toss. (Fashion Outlets Niagara, at 1900 Military Road, Niagara Falls USA has a Coach outlet)

We are also thinking of doing a dunk tank. I'm not sure how this will happen but here in Ontario rentals at party supply store can be $300-$400 for the dunk tank. We would then charge $10 for 3 throws and both the bride and groom take turns in the dunk tank. I believe you would have to have the dunk tank outside or it would spill on the venue floor. Has anyone else done a dunk tank? Was it profitable?

Lastly, for ticket sales one of the big problems is people will buy tickets but not show up. Most stag-and-doe tickets say the same thing: food, drinks, prizes, games. On our tickets when we print them, we will put COACH PURSE, DUNK TANK, GRAND PRIZES to get people interested in attending. We will sell tickets for $10 each. I know someone who only charged $5, but people generally will pay for $10 tickets - why cut your earnings in half right from the beginning?

Just thought I'd put on here that has cheap cards as well. I get my business cards from them and find the quality pretty good for even the basic plain jane card. I'm in my friends wedding this august so i suggested ordering buck and doe tickets from there and she was quite happy with the way they turned out. You can even customize them by editing and moving text around as well as uploading your own picture. There are hundreds of designs to choose from too so there's something for everyone. Vistaprint pretty much has weekly deals too and often will advertise 100 business cards (you obviously can make them into whatever type of card you want:) in this case buck and doe cards) for free(plus shipping). If you sign up with them they send you their deals so you dont have to continue to check in or im sure you can just google free business cards from vistaprint which should provide you with a link to get that deal You have the option of ordering a higher quantity of the card you chose for cheap as well. I ordered 500 cards for only around $25 including shipping! I have also found that you generally receive your order in the mail days before they say it should arrive(I guess that will depend on where you are located). You also have the option of purchasing matching items like t-shirts, pens, mugs, magnets, signs, etc. I will warn that it can be a bit time consuming if your not sure what you are looking for(it does have a search option so if you know a theme or colour you would like it will help narrow down the search for the perfect card). I find that its still worth it for the price! Hope that helps some people save money:)

i did too. VERY VERY cheap- for 500 cards it was 13.00 plus tax and free shipping. I live in Toronto!!!

I also did Vista Print. I ordered the Tickets/business cards, and realized I didn't like them as much, so i changed the whole design and again spent for 250 tickets and all was well :)

Hey thanks everyone . it was really hard to find ppl that post there letters so i have some great ideas now and thanks again :)

We just had our Stag & Doe last month, and we made a killing!! We rented games from a local supplier (Jack of all Spades) as they seemed to know their stuff, were very professional, and had a great variety to choose from. We of course had a Crown & Anchor wheel from them, as well as a Blackjack table, which most seem to get. But we also rented a Penalty Box, Crack the Code, and Fish Race from them! All awesome entertaining games, and all great money makers. We made $12000 from the Stag and Doe. $2300 was from the games alone, so totally worth the time to source out the right games for your crowd. Here is the link to that company we used in case others were looking: Also make sure you get a hall that will allow you to run your own bar, as this is where another $4500 came from in profits.

I wanted to make the whole wedding process very personalized, so I tried to collide my interests, and my fiances interest as best as I could. I'm into animals(my dogs in particular) with training, and such - and he is into hockey, and his team is the Senators. I had trained my dog to put his head down and keep it there next to a hockey puck that had the Senators logo on it, and snapped a photo. I lucked out huge with designing and printing, as I knew a couple who were both graphic designers, and one worked at a printing company, so I managed to get 550 tickets for $25, double sided. So we put a map on the back of them with the address, and the front was all personalized with the rest of the info. I will try and post a link for viewing purposes as I'm sure this will help a lot for ideas!

I've got a month left to go! Hoping we get a great turnout!

A couple great ideas I had thrown my way were:

Tie Matching Game(Fifty Shades Theme) - Purchase a BUNCH of ties. At the entrance table, sell a tie for X-amount of dollars(you may determine your own price). Once purchased, the person at the table cuts the end off of your tie and puts it in a bucket along with the other cut pieces. At the end of the night(or whatever time you want) the B or G draws one piece of tie. The person with the matching swatch wins a gift basket made up of intimate things. You may be able to get a few things donated here and there from Stag Shops and other such places.

Best in Jeans - Each woman may enter their man in a contest in which all the men selected line up, and the woman in the crowd are the judges.(this could very easily be reversed) The bottom that gets the most hoots and hollers wins a bottle of booze!

I love both of these games...I just don't know where to draw the line on games? So far we have:

Table Set Up
- Lotto Board(you win the board)
- Find the Jack(winner gets a liquor 'arrangement')
- Pie in the face(duh!)
- Penalty Box/Insurance

Other Games
- Crowns and Anchor
- Toonie Toss(Texas Mickey)
- 50/50
- Loonie in the shot glass(for a free drink)

Hahaha, 50 shades game! Great idea!

We got our buck and doe tickets from Vista Print. They were 7 dollars for 500. :) We just customized a business card and changed it into a ticket. hope this helps you save money.

You can sell tickets online for stag & does (and other events too) now using sites like Just a thought for anyone with friends and family living further away who feel bad because they can't make it.

I'm loving the ideas here. It also kind of put me off asking for donations, we'll probably just buy a bunch of cheap but cute prizes and a big prize to round it off.

My fiancee and I are having a halloween themed stag and doe. Just wondering if anyone had good Halloween games that can be used at this event?

When starting at 7 pm what times should we do the following?




END GAMES (Golf, Darts etc.)

Thanks :)


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Hello everyone :)

I appreciated all of your helpful tips, comments and ideas so much that I thought i'd add my own!

I pieced together a few of my own ideas, and some from this website and created a letter for donation requests. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to have success by having members of my wedding party hand deliver and speak with businesses in person.

Here it is, and good luck!


-Company Name-
-Name of Contact Person-
-Complete Mailing Address-
-Company Phone Number-

Dear -Name-,

We are planning and executing a social fundraising event for the wedding of -Bride- & -Groom-. We have chosen to sponsor and provide a Stag and Doe event for the couple on March 1, 2014. -Bride- and -Groom- have lived in -city- for many years, and take pride in supporting many of our local businesses.

As such, we are soliciting donations from the community of local businesses, and a donation would be sincerely appreciated. We would be grateful for gifts, gift cards, out of season stock, etc.

Your items and donations will be used as raffle prizes, and will be displayed and recognized throughout the event as donated from your establishment. Your prizes and donations will provide great exposure of your business to future (local) clientele. We hope to have -number- or more guests in attendance.

In addition to business exposure, you will receive a letter of thanks from the Bride and Groom, and a complimentary ticket to the Stag and Doe with your donation.

Should you have any questions, you can reach me at:
-Your Name-
-Phone Number-

Should you wish to reach the Bride and Groom, you may contact them at:
-Name- and -Name-
-Phone Number-
-City & Province-
-Postal Code-

We appreciate your time and would like to sincerely thank you in advance for your consideration.

-Your Name-

We are doing an around the world themes party for our jack and Jill....
We are using and making games and food around the 7 continents as well as the carribian

We made passports and if people get them stamped at each location get a extra draw in the door prize

So it goes like this - antartica we painted penguins on glass pebbles and put numbers in their belly 1 in purple one in red. At the door we give each guest a penguin their mission is to find their penguin love match by the end and get an extra entry in the door prize - not a money maker but encourages guest to interact - serving snow cones

Europe - made cards with the different flags of Europe on them placed them face down and people sign the backs when flipped whoever has the flag of France the city if love is the winner, at the bar placed fish tank with Venice pic in back and shot glasses in bottom pay 1 get it in get a drink free - making spaghetti and meatballs for Italy, and for Greece doing bread oils and olives,

For the carribian took a chest and painted it like a pirates chest and then locked items inside - people buy combinations if there combo wins they get the prize inside - serving jerk chicken

Asia - we made fortune cookies out of foam with different fortunes had 2 big prizes in them, and we rented sumo suits - food vegetable sushi

North America - the canadian tire guessing game, hockey shoot out, toonie toss, piñata, penalty box - food hot dogs in a crock pot, pizza, wings

African - balloon safari hunt. Put items I. The balloon people pay to shoot darts food is unknown

South America we took bottles and place them in boxes and filled med cups with coffe beans people payed to try to get beans into the jars serving coffee cake

Australia - took an Australian. Pic of money covered the serial number and people bought guesses of board served snag rolls which is sausage rolls

Also did a 50/50, fifty shades around the world, and still trying to decide on auctioning food from the continents to throw at bride or groom whoever a jar has the least amount of money

Looking forward to our night if anyone else can think of things to go with our theme let me know Plan in advance and have fun. We had DIY parties to get organized been a great experience f

I made my daughter's Buck and Doe Tickets in a Backstage Pass format. For $190 I got 500 lanyards and laminating sleeves from online as well as $45 for the inserts (4x6 photos with all the information and couple photo, folded in half and put in the sleeve so it's double sided) I was able to make 500 invitations. I made 300 for people who could attend at $10 each (which included the entrance to the hall, the raffle specifically for attendees and the food). And I made 200 for people who could not attend at $5 each (which included raffle specifically for non-attendees). And I was able to make them in a hockey theme like their buck and doe. They ended up really well done and were a souvenir for the event that everyone seemed to love. They were all sold so the total breakdown was as follows.

Tickets sales:
300x $10= $3000.00
200x $5. = $1000.00

Lanyards/sleeves/inserts $235.00
Non attendee prize (cash). $100.00
Attendee prize (basket of gifts) $150.00
Total = $485.00

Total towards Buck and Doe Sales
(Actually $4000.00 cause my husband and I paid for the tickets and prizes for my daughter)

As the owner of a small but popular bistro/cafe, I am appalled at the number of times I am asked to "donate" to a Jack & Jill party. I am asked for vouchers for dinner for two (@ $40-$50) to be raffled off by people who have visited once or twice. These requests come at least twice a month. If they would ask me to cater their wedding or party, I would be happy to negotiate a fair price. As my beloved says, "If you can't afford to get married, don't ask me to foot the wedding!"

You're just stuck up and rude.

Can't be bothered to support others in need, eh?

Oh well, karma will catch up with you, heartless wench.

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