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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

Thanks for all the ideas guys!

One person had mentioned having people pay to shoot paintballs at the groom...I'd mentioned this to mine as a joke and he repeated it to guys at work and they seemed willing to pay quite a bit for the chance to bean him! But I'm not sure how to do this and keep the hall clean. He doesnt want to wear any padding but wants a little room to try and dodge the shots... we're thinking if we covered a space with vapour barrier that might work. Has anyone tried this or have an idea of how we could make this work?


I recently attended my first stag n doe and I was surprised at how "low brow" it seemed. I'm getting married next year and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the event alittle more classy. I'm not saying that I want it to be a super formal event.

I recently attended my first stag n doe and I was surprised at how "low brow" it seemed. I'm getting married next year and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the event alittle more classy. I'm not saying that I want it to be a super formal event.

I am hosting a stag & doe for my son and am not sure what kinds of foods to serve as I've never been to one. Could someone please give me some suggestions??

If you are going to ask a business for a donation DON'T BE LAZY ABOUT IT! For one, don't call! It's easy to randomly call up businesses, it doesn't show your serious or that you are who you say you are AND it's easy for them to say no! Type a letter and get copies, hand them out to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, expect to get denied or the "were past our monthly limit of donations speech". Ask for business cards even if they say no, it can sometimes change their mind. Don't expect every business to donate for a stag and doe, there are many other serious causes that require donations. Make sure you leave contact information on the letters, if they say they will call you back and don't YOU CALL THEM BACK. Businesses need to see professionalism, why would they bother for some tom dick or bonnie!

I am hosting a stag & doe and am not sure what foods are served at these. I've never been to one. My husband has been to stag's but I've heard these are quite different. Prefer something simple as I wil be doing most of the food myself.

"Balloon Stomp"
Have several balloons with ribbons tied around the knots and charge 2 - 5 bucks for a balloon. the idea is to have the DJ play some good tunes while everyone goes to the dance floor with their balloons (however many they purchased) tied to their ankles. Each participant tries to stomp out the others balloon until there is only one person left standing. This person wins the prize - 50% of the total buy-in or a door prize etc.

"Ski Shot" - a spin on regular ol' shots
Find an old ski and glue on 4 or 5 shot glasses - groups of people pay a certain fee to have each glass filled with a selection of shooter flavours. Get the group to line up and have them take a synchronized shot! - A good photo op. too!



My wedding Party or a few of them want to give us a Sage a Doe. We were just woundering who pays for the hall rental, drinks, games, prizes, ect..?? Do they all pay for it or take it out of the ticket sales or total earned for the night???

Thanks! Has anyone heard anything about rapidshare search engines( )?

Can you send me a copy of your donation letter?

ok so i saw the jello shot syringe idea on here. i bought a whole bunch and am going to make them before the stag n doe we are throwing.

question.....does the shooter girl (me) inject them into people's mouths? or just give them the syringe full of jello to administer themselves?

i don't really have the desire to squirt jello into everyone's i wasn't sure how people usually do it.


in case anyone wonders where we got the syringes. i emailed everyone i know that works at vet clinics/doctor offices/pharmacies and found a friend who ordered some for me.


Hi there, we are planning for gold fish racing and we're just wondering how to conduct the betting for it so we can make some money for the happy coupld. We have all the equipment.. just need to know the terms for racing. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.

Could you please send me a copy of the donation letter that you came up with? My best friend is getting married, I am the maid of honor and can't find anything.


Hi there I am planning a stag n doe for April of 2011 in london ontario and am in need of a location to host the stag n doe. the requirements I need are 200-300 capacity, Own liqour license, and able to bring in food for a late night buffett.

A buck and doe is not eligable to apply for a lottery license. Has anyone ever had any troubles with inspectors coming through and shutting down/handing out fines for raffle draws and other games that involve gambling? I know a liqour license covers anytype of alcohol being sold but what about raffle games??

we are planning on doing minnow races and have decided to treat it like a crown n anchor game. You have a min and max bet that you place on whatever fish and if you your fish wins you double up on your money. We are planning on having 5 different lanes and naming each lane.

thanks for the information ,having my buck &doe in april 2011,,,in brantford ,,,took me like 3-4 hours to go threw ,,,but worth it ,,good luck on your buck and doe's.

at ares that we are having on sat we are having it on halooween a we have a fish bowl on the bar with a shot glass in the bottom you get people to through a loonie in if it lands in the shot glass they get a free shot it sounds easy to do but its not the lonie flips around on the way down we are also doing pie in the face witch is two boxes one that you put donations in to pie the groom and one for the bride who ever has the most money in the box gets it

wow I wish I lived where you guys live, we only charge $5/ticket here as we live in a very small community!! I just wanted to say thnaks to everyone on here for the great ideas! Our Buck and Doe is April 30th and the wedding isnt til Oct 1st!! another good idea we had for games was the Canadian Tire $ get awhole stack figure out what the amoutn is then charge $1/guess or $5/3 guess, and whoever is closest wins the CT $!! usually around $50 if possible! everyone body loves Ct!!

Im looking for companies that would be willing to donate stuff for our party. My fiance and i are in recovery so we can not have any alcohol related stuff at it to raffle, also we will not be able to make money on selling alcohol, so basically we are having a dance which we will be selling tickets and wanted to have some raffles, im just wondering what companies would be interested in this?

WOW!!!! I read this whole blog from start to finish, took a couple days here and there but I did it, and looooved it!! Aside from some of the negative comments someone keeps posting about buck and does in general, I found this very very helpful!! I am also the bride at the buck n doe but just cant help being soo invloved!! I love it! I dont have any other ideas either, except for instead of the pie in the face, you could do cup cakes $5 for 2 cupcakes and can "face" the bride and groom when least expecting!! No garbage bags or rain coats required tho!!

The following is for a typical stag and doe

- Tickets are normally $5 (1000 is a good number to get made and will cost about $40, print only one side and B&W to keep the cost down)$5 normally includes entrance, food and a chance to win a door prize (should be at least a couple hundred dollars, could be a BBQ, liquor basket, beer fridge, wine fridge)
- Food never costs extra it is included in the ticket price (you can ask family and the wedding party to prepare a dish, but should at least have something that isn't homemade like pizza)
- tickets should say the price, name of bride and groom, address of the hall, the date and time people can show up (you don't need to put an end time of the event)
- there should be a table with raffle prizes, at least 50 prizes generally range from $10-$50 and include things like donated hats/shirts from companies,hair salon gift certificates, restaurant gift certificates, kitchen ware, wine or liquor bottles, gift baskets. Anything people would want and you can get for free! All items are normally donated. The bride and groom aren't expected to buy the raffle prizes.
-Upon guest arrival someone has a table at the entrance of the hall who accepts the tickets and attempts to raise more money by selling packages which normally include about 3-4 liquor tickets and 15 raffle prize tickets for about $25. Most people will buy the package out of respect of the couple. Also sold seperately are drink tickets and raffle prizes
- Grand prize tickets are sold at the door as well normally $5 for one ticket or 3 for $10. Usually for a flatscreen tv.
- Best man and MOH are expected to coordinate the wedding party for the meetings at which point tasks are deligated, someone will need to organize games, get liquor licence, buy liquor, make signs, get a DJ or arranging someone to play music etc.
- Bride and Groom are expected to decide on the date and book the hall. Either parents or couple will pay for this. Wedding party is not expected to. Couple or parents will pay for the booze, supplies, stationary, food. Wedding party normally pays for the Grand prize (TV or whatever is decided) as well as donating some larger prizes approx $50 for the raffle table.
-If you are selling tickets for a friend or family member be careful who you ask. You should ask people who you aren't close friends with if they don't know the couple. It also depends who you are selling tickets for. For example you probably shouldn't ask people at work to buy tickets unless they know the couple personally even if you are in the wedding party IT IS NOT OKAY. You are putting them on the spot and it's a very uncomfortable situation (If it was for your son or daughter it is more acceptable to ask people at your work to buy a ticket) It is ok to ask your immediate family to buy tickets for your friend if you are in the wedding party or close with the couple, even if they don't know the couple. Other than that only ask people who know the couple.
- Bride and Groom should ask wedding party how many tickets they want. This way you're not giving them too many that they can't sell (which may mean more tickets need to be ordered and cost even more money)
- Although some may disagree it is a big faux pas to give back the bride and groom tickets you don't sell. Only accept as many tickets in the first place as you can either sell, or pay for when they ask for the money.
- Keep the couple posted as to when you plan on giving them the money for the tickets sold, so they dont have to ask you for it. Normally 1-2 weeks before the event.
- If you sell 1000 tickets, expect about 300 people to show up.
- Buy more booze rather than too little, you can always return what isn't opened. You can ask the wedding party if they want to buy any of the leftover booze that is opened at a discounted rate. That way you get money instead of a bunch of booze that probably cost a lot of money to buy, and the wedding party is happy to get a good deal on a bottle.
- At the end of the night wedding party is expected to stay to clean up, and the bride and groom should help too otherwise the wedding party may feel overworked and like slaves. It shows appreciation to the wedding party for all their hard work to help out after.
- 50/50 draw winners are expected to donate the money back to the bride and groom. It's not about winning the money it's about giving a gift back to the couple that they will always remember. Someone who takes the money looks really cheap and definitely will be talked about.

If you disagree then you just don't know ;)

"If you disagree then you just don't know ;)"

Wow, rude.

"Someone who takes the money looks really cheap and definitely will be talked about."

Also rude. How do you know they won't spend the money on other games and raffles? It's all in good fun; it's supposed to be a FUN event, not just a money making night. I would never talk nasty about someone who KEPT THEIR PRIZE.

Thanks coach! Usually if the person who wins the 50/50 is close to the bride/groom they give it back but not neccessary.

You're a stag and doe NAZI!

Have a nice day.

you're a complete moron

you're a complete moron

Although you had some good tips, others were just plain rude. No better way to describe the way you came across.
If you would talk badly about someone who keeps their own prize money, then I'm glad I don't know you personally because you porbably look down on and gossip about many people about numerous pitiful things.
And a faux pas to return unsold tickets? That is total nonsense. I'm getting married and I specifically told our wedding party if they can't sell whatever they took then just give us the rest back, no biggie. Never, would I expect my loved ones who are helping and supporting us so much to fork out extra money because they were unsuccessful in selling all their share of tickets!

If you disagree then you just don't know ;)

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