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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

About how much money on average is made from a buck and doe?

I'm starting to get ideas for a stag and doe...and am wondering if there are "different" game ideas to play. The bride a groom play boardgames. Are there ideas out there to incorporate that aspect? The bride is also a teacher whom loves the Twilight saga...any thoughts/idead are greatly appreciated. Cheers:)

You could always set up a scrabble board and have people pay $1 for four letters, $2 for five or $3 for six etc. and then have to make a word with the letters they've drawn. You write down all the words and the person with the longest word at the end wins a prize. If you have multiple words of that length then do a random draw of the people who got that length of word or just decide it on the word that was the most unique or difficult!

I am so loving this site btw, and really appreciate all the London people's comments as we're planning a Stag and Doe for next year and now I'm not worried at all about the entertainment!

My fiance and I are planning a New Years Eve Stag & Doe.
We are planning on doing a Casino Gala feel with all kinds of games tables. The principle will be that you purchase chips, play the games and when you're ready to "cash out" you simply write your name in perm marker on the chip and then drop it in an enclosed can in front of the prize you would like to win. At the end of the night a name is drawn from each can to reveal the winner. I understand 'gambling' is illegal; however if the hall we are renting agrees to the games does anyone suspect that I will get in 'trouble' for this idea?

Hi all,

I am the bride, and our bridal party is planning a movie-themed buck and doe. Does anyone have any ideas for movie-inspired games to be played to keep with the theme?

Any thoughts would be great!



i was wondering what time you guys started your stag and doe at?
like 6:00 is that a decent time?

we are starting ours at 7. 6 might be ok but maybe too early if you want to party all night. Makes for a very long day if you plan on it going to midnight or 1am.

I am having a hard time getting prize donations for our stag which is 4 weeks. Anyone have an good ideas for prizes that might be a little less expensive but will still sell tickets!?


I would like a copy of the letter everyone sends out to get donations if anyone could help me out that would be great

Wow, thanks to everyone for some great alternative stag party games! I'm in the process of helping my best friend with his party. We are more accustomed to booking a venue and making it into a Casino Themed Night (Poker, Blackjack, Raffles, hostesses..) Definitely makes for a great night.

Traditionally, around these neck of the woods the invitations are usually printed in color. I'm not sure if it helps to promote the event better, but it definitely adds some flair to the invite. The have some cool looking templates to choose from. The company i use is called, they print Stag Tickets and Jack and Jill Tickets according to there website

Good Luck to all with your parties and thanks again for the info!


First off: BEST WEBSITE!!!

My game is a spin off of musical chairs. Gather all your handsome groomsmen/groom/friends and have them sit on the chairs. Then charge the ladies $5 to hopefully get a chance to sit on these guys laps! Depending on how successful it goes, you can play it more than once during the night!

Just wanted to say that as a DIY bride this site has been great for helping my sister and I come up with ideas for our stag and doe,...
Everyone is so generous with their ideas and thoughts!!!
Ours will be a hockey theme at a pub here in Ottawa and one of the things we are thinking of doing is having a "hockey fight off"

It would involve two people paying $3 each (wearing only the jersey) and $5 for jersey and gloves and then you have a play fight, no punching, just trying to get the jersey over the other guy's head..
don't know if it will be 1 up style or tournament but I think it will be funny and funny to watch and hopefully make a little cash,...
the winner would get a prize of some sort (mickey, GC, etc.)

Good luck to everyone and thanks to you all so much!!!

I was wondering of anyone in the brantford area knows of a venue (cheaper the better)to host a buck and doe. We need a place that will allow our own liquor and beer (you make way more money). If you could email me, that would be very appreciated.

If you want to bring your own, look into arenas that have a place to rent up top, I am having mine in Burlington, we are doing it at the legion all and it wasn't that much :) google places, call around and get quotes that what i did and i found one for $150 which is really cheap :)

Great, do anybody have good ideas for blackjack games. It would be so nice of you if really somebody help me.

Another Buck & Doe Game:

Drill holes in 2 pieces of 1/4" plywood just a bit larger than a loonie. Sand around the edges of the holes a bit so the wood won't rip the condom. Sandwich the rim of a condom between the 2 pieces of wood and secure them together tightly. Prop the wood on a stand so the condom hangs down. As guests drop a loonie into the condom they get to make a guess on how many loonies it will take before the condom breaks.

I live in Thunder Bay and here we call them shags...anyway we usually charge $2 - $3 to get in the door and if you havent purchased a ticket its an extra dollar or two at the door. We have a DJ, Liquor licence, in a hall and we get prizes from local retailers and friend, usually about 25 smaller prizes which contain things like hats, shirts, gift cards, candles, pretty much anything but make them good because this is where you will get most of your money from. Then you have 2 or 3 grand prizes like a tv, trip or something else. Usually the wedding party or bride and groom pay for this. Also you have a few side games going on 50/50 and others. You cannot make a profit of alcolhol but without the hall, DJ and alcohol you would not have a party. Most people profit between 3 and 6 thousand at one of these events here. We sell arms length tickets and grand prizes as a ticket package of 20.00 or sell them individually but 95% of people here buy the ticket packages. Grand prize tickets can be sold for 5 buck individually. Anyway hope this helps or gives some different ideas. Oh and always call the winning tickets at the end of the night...around 12:30 to maximize sales.

At the last stag and doe i was part of we got 2 containers one for the bride and one for the groom, they have to be covered so you cat see in, whoever has the most money in there bucket by the end of the night got a whip cream pie in the face. we made 500$ on this game and it was hilarious!!

I found this cool company that offers chocolate making workshops, Parties and events, check it out:!!!

Hi I'm trying to help my boyfriend that is helping out with a jack and jill. He is susppose to get a door prize. One of the girls in the party has already got a basket of bath things for the lady's. Any idea's?? Haven't been to too many jack and jills

BOOZE! that is always the best, maybe get a little lunch box cooler and put in some carona with a bunch of limes and some pretzels or beer nuts :) and some scratch tickets!

for guys... maybe tools or fishing set, rod takle box with lures ect and other fishing type things?

No fishing gear! Don't know anybody who fish most people don't eat fish POT is best door prize

Im playing a "jack & Jill" Party in June, my wedding is in Aug :) I see alot of people asking for the letter for donations. that is a good idea, but alot of places where i live will not donate due to the economy. SO instead, i enlisted the help of friends and family, and my wedding party. I have people making gift baskets to raffle off. Tickets will be $1 each... 3 for $2 and 5 for $6. The idea is not to have people spend over 20-25 bucks... some of the basket ideas include....

fishing//hunter-- lures, hooks, fishing line, gloves, camo makeup... anything hunters/fisherman need.

movies.. microwave popcorn, soda, candy. and a gift card for $5 for a local movie rental place...

breakfast...pancake mix, chocolate chips, blue berries, syrup, a cheap griddle/muffin pan, tea or coffee mix. and maybe coffee mugs..

beer a 6pack of beer, deck of cards, beer pong cups//balls.. peanuts and pretzels.

candy.. any cheap cheap candy by the box full.. lollipops, anything sweet!

little boy- matchbox cars, crayons, coloring book
little girl... purse with makeup hair stuff and a Barbie..
UNISEX-- school supplies or if its in the summer, water balloons, squirt guns, and outside stuff...

lotto ticket one- self explanatory

woman and man---razors, aftershave, loofah..smelly stuff :)

car theme, windex, paper towels, car soap, wax, tire shine

You could do some with Wine, cheese, crackers, and wine glasses

Gardening -- put cheap gardening tools,, seeds, a small watering can in a flower pot..

Baking -- in a big mixing bowl put cake/brownie mix with wooden spoons and other baking stuff...

dinner for two, relaxation, gift cards, bottles of liquor- THE IDEAS ARE ENDLESS!!!
DOLLAR STORES ARE GREAT!!!!!!!! Dont try to be fancy, just creative!

we have found that ALOT of people are willing to help if u just ask!!

we are also having a candy bar and selling small paper bags for $2 each..

---- using big glass (or clear plastic) containers, vases, bowls, anything, and with spoons or scoops. place on a large table or counter, and have people fill their bags with candy.

we are going to sell jello shots 2 for $1.

as far as food, we're having family make dishes and having a big cook out. hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, soda, beer, chips.. tons and tons.

tickets are $10 each 15 at the door. the more people u have to help the better!!! its ROUGH doing the planning together.

:) i hope this helps people in their planning!!! I got tons of ideas from other people, DONT be afraid to ASK people. ask people you work with if they can help or if they know someone who DJ's//cooks//makes stuff... people WILL help!!


Hi there:
1) We are putting on a late night buffet for our stag n doe. What type and quantity of fare would you recommend for 250 expected guests. We were thinking along the lines of cold meat & buns, beans/meatballs, cheese, veggie, fruit & pastrie trays. Is it too much variety? Should we simplify things?

2) I am in charge of picking up the liquor, beer & mix. This is generally a youngish crowd 25 - 30 and more beer drinkers than liquor. What quantity and varieties of liquor & beer would you suggest and how much mix do I allow for each (ie: 2 lg. bottles of Coke & 2 gingerale for each bottle of Rye)??? I only drink wine so don't know what are the popular beers (except Labatt's Blue - I'm from Ontario)and liquors.

Thanks, Lana

Hi Lana,

For snacks when people aren't being fed, the average is about 8 hors d'oeuvres per person. You'd have to think about how big the snacks you're serving are and create an estimate based on that.

For drinks - you would estimate that the average female on a "party night" would drink 6 drinks and the average guy would drink 8. So figure out approximately how many people will attend and you can work out how many drinks will be served. Then you can calculate how much of beer/liquor/wine you would need to buy.

Generally about 70% will drink beer, if you're not doing wine then the other 30% can be liquor. Vodka is the most popular, then rum, then rye.

I would choose a regular beer (bud, canadian...whatever), a light beer (coors light), and dark beer (rickards red...). There are 10, 8oz drinks in a 2L bottle of pop. Each mixed drink usually has 1.5 oz of booze. So if you buy a 60 you'll get about 26 drinks out of it so you should realistically have 2 and a half 2litre bottles of pop per 60 oz of booze. As for mix I would grab gingerale, coke, diet coke and soda.

Hope this helps.

First off, 6 yrs later this site is still functioning! Amazing. Thanks for all the idea's. Up here in Northern ontario it is common to see canoe's as coolers for the beer for outdoor events. Just find a commercial fisherman and ask for a donation of Ice, that they use for packing their fish for shipping.

I love the idea of syringe shooters,will be using that one. The pie in the face I have seen done with the Bride and Groom each have a jar and go about the crowd soliciting donations(pleading for their assistance) from their friends/family members to keep them from getting the pie in the face, the one with the most money get the pie (whipcream) in the face.

Many suggestions on here focus on getting the crowd drunk...please remember your obligation to ensure your parties are not overserved, and arrive safely home, if they have an accident on the way home, your liable. Although the selling of alcohol is one of the biggest, and fun way of making money for those great people in your comes some responsibility. (sorry for being motherly..)

We're doing a Redneck Theme, fishing derby that goes into dance/party on an outdoor rink surface, which provides the barriers needed for Liquor licence. Light eating provided but also a food stand will be available....know how much money those smokies stands make after bar closing? Great place for those family members who are chomping at the bit to help but are too young to assist at the dance. (teens)

Thanks again for all your idea's everyone.

Just wanted to know how you got a liquor license. I am trying to get one but apparently you are not allowed to have on on private property, (we are having it at a farm)

Hey guys!
We definitely love the idea of plastic syringes for the jello shooters...but we're having a hard time finding out where to get them. Our friend works at a hospital and she's trying to see if she can order some in - but it seems like it's going to be a lot of money. We've also tried the Shoppers Home Health and she says they'll be more expensive there! Any ideas guys?

The stag is May 15 so we need to figure this out soon!

Thanks guys!

By the way we are in Chatham - southwestern Ontario.

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