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Stag And Doe Ideas

By smithdm3 - Posted on 15 January 2004

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

I'm planning a Stag & Doe for my sister & looking for some ideas for games. So far we have got a black jack table, crown & anchor, 50/50 tix, loonie toss & loonie auction. Hoping to find some more fun activities...

Hey, we are having a stag and doe in may, friends of ours had one last year and we will be taking this AWESOME idea from them,-they made over 300 dollars on this alone. They had someone wear a referee uniform with a wistle, people would pay to have someone put in the makeshift "jail" for how ever long, they cant talk or drink while in there, so the ref would whistle, and take the person there for however long it was paid for ( i think it was like a buck minute, or something like that,) it went over REALLY well, and was entertaing to watch.!
Hope this helps

At my cousins buck and doe 2 years ago they did this and made approx. $500. They took a Texas Mickey of Canadian Club Rye put it at one end of the room and a piece of tape accross the floor on the other end. Then people would toss toonies at the bottle and whoever had the closest toonie to the bottle won it, but they could not pass the line of tape when they tossed. Do this after everyone has a quite a bit to drink and they will feel less inhibited about tossing alot of toonies. They become more worried about winning the big bottle of booze.

Fish insurance is a great way to make some extra cash. Get a bowl of little cheap minnows from the pet store. Then offer fish insurance. Every time a person wins a prize they have to swallow a live minnow unless they have purchased the insurance. Charge $1 or $2.

1. Fish Insurance.
2. Toonie toss to a texas mickey
3. Have someone wear a ref

At our stag and doe the wedding party had found a big weigh scale (one that was used on a farm to weigh bags of feed) and during the evening people paid to guess the combined weight of us. People paid I think $1-2 to guess and there were quite a few guesses. At the end of the evening we stood on the scale and whoever guessed the closest won a door prize.

Wow, starting to get a pretty good list of ideas here. Well done people, keep it up! :)

for my brother's buck and doe i put together a beer cap count game. it's exactly like a jelly bean count, but using beer caps instead. i charged $1 for each guess and the winner got a bubba of beer. in the end, i ended up making $315 for him and his bride.

Jello shooters or pudding shooters always go over well and make quite a bit of cash. Sell them for $1.00 each, or as in most cases, people want them by the tray!!


I'm also planning a stag and doe for my friend in July but I have no idea what to use as a ticket for admission. I've heard of buying them from staples and handwriting them but I'd like more options. Maybe a cute poem to put on it??

Any ideas would be great! Thanks!

In regards to KGM's request for stag ticket info - i wouldn't recomend a poem on the tickets as most of the space will be taken up by the important details about the night. You want them to advertise what kind of entertainment you will be providing eg. name of band playing, draws, food, games and of course the price of the ticket and directions to the venue. I found staples had the best deal on printing tickets -basically ask for the cheapest business card options and have them cut them a little longer to leave room for numbering for door prizes ( remember to write the number on each side so they can be ripped in half to enter the door prize draws.

im helping plan a stag and doe my ides were

a bride kissing booth

raffle of a dance with the bride and groom

As for the ticket info. You can get personalized tickets from ticket master. They aren't that expensive, but it makes them a little different and there is already a perferated area to rip off. You tell them what you want printed and I think that it take a week at the most to get them printed. Give them a call to make sure. Seach under google for ticket master!

I'm organizing my sister's buck and doe. If you have a computer, homemade tickets are really easy. you can buy sheets of business cards from Business depot or a stationary store, usually there is 10 to a sheet, the edges are already perforated for you. You can design your tickets in Microsoft word or if you have Printmaster or another similar program. Then you can just print and number them as you need them. They aren't huge but they'll fit right in your wallet and I was able to get all of the important info plus pictures on ours.
Good luck!

A big thing lately are silent auctions where you sell tickets and have all of the prizes displayed and jars where you can hold the tickets beside each prize. Sell the tickets at the door ($2 ea or arms length for $5)People put in tickets for the prizes they want only then later the tickets are drawn and announced.
Another thing I have seen is a stereo system give away. This is advertised on the tickets/flyers and you have to be in attendance to win. This is usually drawn around 10 or 10:30 to get the people there early since there are usually other places that guests have to go to or are coming from so have your party the first stop. Chances are they will spend a little more money since they won't be drunk yet and they don't want to leave until the draw is over - just in case!

i had to go to a buck and doe and we played a great game depneding on what the bride was wearing a skirt or pants we would find other girls in the room with that on and the groom had to go around blinf=d foleded and feel each girls leg and try to find his bride LOL it is fun to watch

Get bids for 2 women (usually very attractive, well endowed and barely dressed) to bust a balloon between them without using any body parts other than the stomach, boobs or generated quite a bit of money towards the end of the night when everyone had a bit too much to drink! (And it was hilarious to watch!!)

I am planning a buck and doe for my sister and I need to come up with some sort of fun way they will stand out that night. I have heard of people tying baloons to the bride and grooms pants and giving them each a lay to wear for the evening, but I want something different!!!

How long before the wedding is okay to have a Stag and Doe?

I think my friends was a month or so (maybe 5-6 weeks) before their wedding. Seems reasonable to me.

I was just wondering what the rules are on charging for alcohol at a shag? Or are the drinks included in the ticket price?

Shari, I think it would depend on the local customs/laws. Stags I've been to typically get a liquor license which then allows them to sell alcohol at a certain price (cost I think). You can obviously come up with a way of soliciting donations along with that.


We are getting married in June and my aunt and I have come up with a few different games for the Stag & Doe. We are auctioning off each memeber of the wedding party. You tell the audience what the person is being auctioned off for (Ie: Carry your drink for an hour, yard work etc) But because my future husband is a little crazy, we are going to be auctioning him off a bit different. We are going to put a hat and mitts on him and a extra shirt. We are then going to auction his clothes off one piece at a time till he ends up in his boxers. :) Another thing we are doing is making a set off 4 dice. One with the guys names, one with the girls, and 2 that have kiss, hug, etc. You then pay $2 to roll the big dice and do what they say. (All nice things) We are also making little boxes to attached to our belts. If someone wants a dance with the bride or the groom they must deposit a twoonie into the box on our belt before they get the dance!

Hope this helps and everyone has fun!

hi there! i am a matron of honour for my sisters wedding and i was also wondering how to go about asking companys for donations without sounding greedy but getting some stuff. thank you!

Leah, I haven't seen any letters like that, but if someone's got one I can throw it up here... My guess is that the best companies to approach would be breweries and liqour companies...

Does anyone have a sample letter for requesting donations to be used for prizes to a stag and doe.

Buy blank business cards from staples on each side of the ticket put your numbers starting at 001 then in the middle who evers stag & doe or buck and rounded with a cute cartoon picture of a guy with a ball & chain and a beautiful girl standing beside. Tickets at party get tore in half one half to a jar other to guest in middle of party ticket gets drawn for biggest prize. Kinda get tickets sold if big prize ex. Gas trimmer. Oh at bottom of ticket put your inportant info date, food, whether alcohol is free or being charged and transportation info for end of night.
Our tickets sold for $25.00 each $40.00 per couple lots of money just made off tickets pretty much paid for all food and alcohol bonused off of everything else

I bought my Stag and Doe tickets from a company called Stag King in Toronto. They have a bunch of really cool designs you can personalize. Some you can even add your photo to. They include the perforated section with the door prize number as well. I got them printed within 3 business days. Most of the tickets they have are geared towards stags rather than stag and does but their are a few designs that work for both. I went with the Vegas ticket. Here is a link -

I was just wondering what you charged for addmission, per-person/couple????

I want to thank you all for the wonderful ideas for my friends party planning of her Jack and Jill. We are in Toronto and are looking at having her party in September '10. I wish i had this info when i had my party!

In regards to the invitations, i like the idea of the blank business cards from staples, but my hubby and I aren't very creative and wanted something more. I managed to find a local company in Toronto called , they actually offer Stag and Doe invites, Bachelor party invitations, and a whole bunch of prewedding party invitations. I know my friend wanted to include an image of both her and her fiancee on the tickets, one of those things.... they managed to help us out. Thought i would help someone else as i've been helped, good luck all.

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