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Spring May Have Finally Sprung

By smithdm3 - Posted on 17 April 2008

Wow, it's beautiful outside today. A coworker and I went for a short 5 minute walk around campus today simply to see how nice 23 degrees feels - and we weren't disappointed. It was a bit of a gruelling winter up here in the northern part of Eastern Ontario. It doesn't look like we'll break the snow fall record, we should be 10-20 cm short, but still what a dumping.

The weather looks good for the next few days too, which bodes welll for the fields having a chance to finish the melt, and maybe dry up a bit. Ultimate isn't too far off in the future, and I've taken up with a dragon boat team this year as well.

Meg and I will be buying a new car in the next month or so but we both plan to ride our bikes to work as much as possible this spring/summer/fall. It looks like we'll pass on buying a hybrid and instead see if we can just reduce our use of the car itself - hopefully in the 20% range over the course of the year. Meg will be able to do her short ride to work pretty much every day whereas I might be limited to those days where I don't play Ultimate.

Did you decide what new car you will buy?

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