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Shared Item Notes in Google Reader as Comments

By smithdm3 - Posted on 29 October 2008

I was just thinking about 'sharing' items in Google Reader. You know, this could be even more powerful if when you shared an item, Google posted (this could be optional) the 'note' you share it with as a comment on the blog - maybe with a url to your shared items feed, or to your own website, etc.

This would require an open standard for commenting, but someone like Disqus could probably drive that approach as they plug into a number of platforms like Drupal and Wordpress already.

This would increase the interactivity that has probably disappeared a bit with the growth of RSS.

I don't know, maybe this has been thought of already... it just kind of popped into my head.

Hmm.. well, not exactly sure if this suits your purpose Dave, but on my newly re-launched site, I have a Google Shares block on it now. "ActiveShares". Basically, it updates whenever I share an item. It doesn't post my 'notes' automatically, but the links to the things I share. If you click the links, it takes you to the original site. However, if you click on 'read more' it goes instead to a public page showing all my shares, along with my associated notes.

However, one thing I'd like to be able to do is to just comment on a friends' posting. For example, when kev shares something that says, whaddya think Steve? I could just add my own 'note' to his share. That's my feature request ;-)

See -- by the time you follow the link, my comment should be posted on there. coComment, Disqus, IntenseDebate and FriendFeed could probably all work together to have a bit more standards around this, I suppose.

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