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Raptor Has Dateline Issues

By smithdm3 - Posted on 12 March 2007

With the reminder of daylight savings time yesterday, someone passed this on to me today.

"It takes about 1.7 million lines of computer code to run the F-22A’s avionics, according to the Air Force. It turns out none of them deal with what happens when the jet suddenly changes dates and time zones by crossing the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean, the international date line.
On Feb. 11, when a dozen Raptors en route from Hawaii to Japan crossed the international date line for the first time, the jets’ Global Positioning System navigation avionics went haywire, forcing the pilots to turn around." - DefenseNews

Crazy huh? Can you imagine these $330 million planes with such a simple software problem induced by crossing an imaginary line crashing into the ocean? Could have happened if luck hadn't been in the pilots favour.

I guess that Lockheed had a softare fix for them within 48 hours that corrected the problem. But still, it's just an example of one of those test cases that you should have included but probably didn't even think up.

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