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The Peak Run

By smithdm3 - Posted on 07 May 2006

20 mile run Well, it's passed... and suprisingly enough, I enjoyed it. I don't know if it was the knowledge that this was the longest run that I'd have to do before the marathon (according to Hal's plan), or whether it was the weather (rainy, overcast and fairly cool, but not too windy), or whether it was listening to my iPod, or whether it was just that I was running at my own pace. Nevertheless, I had a great run - and for me to say that about a 20 mile run is certainly something - and it gives me a boost of confidence heading into the marathon.
I ran the course show to the left, no doubt a lot more interesting than Kev's home to Nortel run, but I hope his run went as well as mine did anyway. I finished under my goal time of 3:45 (that time would leave me 1:15 to finish the last 6.2 miles of the race in my time of 5 hours. I was able to beat my time by 5 minutes, and I think I probably walked more than I needed to, which should bode well for the race.
When I arrived back home, fully chipper (after hearing the St. Francis of Assisi bells toll in celebration of the completion of my toughest training run - okay, maybe they were just the everyday noontime bells) due to my finishing time, Meghan had gone out and bought me a gatorade... Mmmm... Lemon-lime, it quenched my thirst perfectly! Thanks again sweetheart :*

Only three weeks to go now....
(oh, and I didn't run the full 10 miles on wednesday - I skimped by 4 miles or so... just thought I should come clean on that)

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