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Our First Anniversary - A Post that is only 8 months late...

By smithdm3 - Posted on 31 May 2010

Wow... My life sometimes feels too busy, but really, it isn't and I have few excuses for not writing an entry about my anniversary or any of the things that have happened in the intervening 8! months. Eight months... crazy. That means it's not much more than 4 months until Meg and I will have been married for 2 years. It feels like only yesterday that we were standing at the front of her parents church, while in other ways it feels like we've been together forever, but we're only just approaching 5 years of being together as a couple.

Anyway, enough of that, and onto a quick post about what Meg and I did for our first anniversary. As some of you know, Meg and I took a trip to Cuba for our honeymoon; however, due to timing issues and a trip for work that Meg had to take we weren't able to go directly after our wedding. In order to make sure we had some downtime after the events leading up to the big day and the day itself we decided that we'd spend a few days up at Mont. Tremblant to relax, hike and enjoy the comforts of a bed and breakfast. We had a great time enjoying the village and the areas surrounding and since we had so much fun we decided that we'd head back for our first anniversary.

First off, the most interesting thing about going back was that we remembered it being quiet and idyllic when we were there the first time. I'm sure that some of that was the fact that we had just been married, but as it turns out most of it was the fact that we went on a Sunday and left on the Tuesday, slightly different then driving up Friday night and returning Sunday. There was a lot more action during the weekend, but that made the trip all the more fun.

We had a great time at the B&B we had stayed at on our mini-moon, but unfortunately Le Lupin was all booked up. That place is great though, amazing breakfasts and nice rooms not far from the resort. Meg made a great choice of a different B&B this time though, and we definitely were not disappointed with the Chaumiere de L'Anse where we had a very nice room and again, great breakfasts!

After arriving fairly late on the Friday we decided to put ourselves to sleep and head out hiking in the 'National' park the next day. We did a great hike out to a waterfall and back and then made our way back to the Tremblant Village Resort for a beer and some lunch. The year before we'd hiked the ridge of the ski hill and had a fondue dinner at the Swiss restaurant there. This time we went for dinner at a restaurant (we ended up with our second choice due to deciding too late) in the old village which was pretty good. We went back out for a beer afterward and then made our way back to the B&B.

The next day we rented some bikes in the old village and cycled out along the old train tracks to a railway station and then back before packing up, checking out and heading back to Ottawa. It was a great weekend and I'm sorry I didn't post about it sooner. :)

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