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By smithdm3 - Posted on 23 November 2007

I used to be an Ottawa Renegades season ticket holder. Well, at least I was in their last two seasons and had put down my deposit for the season they folded. I love football, there are few better sports in my opinion, it's more of a betting/strategy game than any other sport out there in my opinion. It was also the first organized sport I played, and in many ways engendered my love of sports (A love which my mother just doesn't understand ;)

Anyhow, on to the topic of Ottawa and CFL football. While I had a great time watching football with my friends in the lovely confines of Frank Claire Stadium at Lansdowne Park, the team was truly dreadful most of the time. I must admit that I hated the coach (Joe Paopao), the man simply couldn't get his team to make adjustments at halftime. That, or the other team simply out adjusted him. Rare was there a time when the Renegades fought back, and sadly, many were the time that other teams rallied to beat them in the second half.

I do miss football in Ottawa, and I'd love this city to get a team again. But not at the cost of giving up much of the land of Lansdowne Park for private development. The proposed deal with Jeff Hunt (owner of the excellent (but not as good as the Belleville Bulls) Ottawa 67's) and the development (Minto and some others) folks is ridiculous in my opinion. They proposed to redevelop the park a while back, but in my mind it takes too much public land and turns it into residential and commercial buildings. They wanted to have 4 or so multi-storey condo buildings along the canal, retail along Bank Street, a hotel on Bank, and townhouses on Holmwood Ave.

Anyway, it's my opinion that this land should be kept in public hands and that it should be turned into more greenspace rather than becoming a big residential developmetn that will put more money in private pockets.

I love the CFL, but not at this sort of expense.

Well it isn't that your mother doesn't understand your love of sports, it just that she doesn't understand where it comes from. Neither parent was what one would call athletic.

... but I still love sports. Though not as much as I love you Mom :)

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