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OLGC Lottery Scandal

By smithdm3 - Posted on 26 March 2007

You know, I find the whole lottery scandal absolutely deplorable, but I'm not at all surprised it happened. I don't know exactly what changes the OLGC has made since finally admitting to the problem of retailers cashing in prizes that they scammed from people. "Doo doo doo dooo doooooo" - 'Oh,' says Mr. Retailer, 'You just won a free ticket.' all the while thinking - 'Egads, this is the easiest million I'll ever make ' while pocketing the winning ticket to redeem himself.

Anyway, I heard that they were looking at self-scan machines that you could check your ticket with, which is a good idea. But heck, couldn't you just write your name on the back of all the tickets you buy... how does the retailer steal it from you in that case?


Apparently the OLGC has instituted an awareness campaign to get people to sign their tickets before having them checked, and they are going to put out self scanners. Man, I'm so smrt.

You are smrt Dave - your post about your IQ proves it! ;)

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