End of Winter Doldrums

Well, it's getting towards the end of winter, as March is nearly a week old now. It seems like March is coming in like a Lion this year, with a snowstorm hitting Friday, the day of course that I was returning from a work trip to San Diego. That disrupted the second leg of my red-eye trip home, leaving me theoretically stranded in Washington, D.C. until a coworker arranged for us to fly to Montreal and rent a car to get home.

Turns out, by the time we reached Ottawa (after a bit of a nerve wracking drive which included having a driver spin out on the highway in front of me... first time for that for me...) and I found that the people on the shuttle bus to the Park n' Fly lot with me had just come in on a rescheduled flight from D.C.. Oh well, at least we got there.

Green Goes Mainstream

I've been remarking for the last few days that it seems like the green movement has taken off. Maybe I should say taken off again, since really, there was a brief flirtation with the environment when I was a child... you know, the whole recycling craze. That was the first real movement towards the environment in my lifetime that I can remember. There have also, I suppose, been commercials about limiting power use, but I've always thought they were more about the fact that the utilities didn't want to invest in more capacity...

Anyway, what really has pushed me towards the realization that this is indeed being deeply driven into the masses thinking isn't that the politicians are getting into it, but rather that the consumer products companies are. I saw a commercial the other day for Cold Water Tide heralding the use of cold water as being good for the environment, not for your clothes.

Changes at Nortel

Nortel is changing, the management team that CEO Mike Zafirovski has brought on is making some bold calls. Not only are executives like Joel Hackney improving our cost base and delivery efficiencies, but two additional people that Mike brought on are doing some new things now that are particularly great.

Good Drupal Powered Recipes: Food Like That

My friend Boris Mann (a founder of Bryght) has recently launched a new recipe sharing site, Food Like That, based on the open source Drupal CMS platform that hosts this website and many others. Bryght, Boris's company, provides hosted Drupal sites and contributes a lot to Drupal.
I joined the site and contributed my first recipe, a Black Bean, Tomato and Feta sauce for pasta that my

Banning Plastic Bags

A story in today's Toronto Star, talks about Toronto discussing the banning of plastic bags, or in the very least, recycling them.

I'm personally all for banning them. In the past, most of my bags came from the grocery store, but now I use bins instead of bags for the most part.
Way better than paper or plastic bags are the biodegradable corn starch bags that MEC uses. They say they're more expensive, but I'm willing to pay 1-2% more for that sort of thing. They come from BioBag.

A Week Alone

So, it's been a week since I dropped Meg off at the airport. And let me tell you, I do miss her dearly. It's interesting to live alone once again. Meg only lived with me for two months, but it was a great two months.

I do miss having her around to talk to, but thanks to technology we have been able to email, chat or talk everyday. I can't begin to imagine how much different things would be if we didn't at the very least have email. I mean, we'd go days without making contact which just seems so weird.

I miss her, and can't wait to see her in a few months - and it's only been a week :)

Announcing MylesAwayFromHome.com

Just wanted to let you know of the new addition to my links on the left hand side. The link "Meg" now points to MylesAwayFromHome.com, Meg's blog that she'll be updating on her yearlong trip to Bolivia (and hopefully on other trips in the future). While there isn't a lot of content there yet, it will no doubt begin to ramp up as she leaves in a weeks time.

Merry Christmas

Just wanting to send out my e-Wishes to each of you to have a Merry Christmas!


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